6 Rules for building a simple, elegant and sustainable business based on service

In developing its unique expression across companies to reflect an elegant simplicity with depth and meaning.

1. Be flexible

Take a page from the startup technology list, and adopt a "quick prototyping" mentality.

You have to start somewhere, and you will not know until you take action, you see the results and learn the real reactions of real people.

Do not chase his tail in circles, waiting for all these marketing exercises seem perfect. Stop thinking if you get approval from a business coach, your business will be bullet proof.

Sharpen in her genius does a good job ... and see where you stand.

Be prepared to swing. Commit to excellence, not convenience.

Do not get too close just because he has invested a lot of time and money into training or certification. Everything is built to a final expression that is only yours because you bring to the table a unique combination of skills and experience.

2. Do not spread too thin

We were told a million and one things we need to "fill in the funnel" - gifts, travel, e-book, large group program online, small group program, private training and events I live.

When coaches to break the numbers and show you how to get to "6 digits" sounds pretty good ... if you can do seven things at once.

However, chances are that you are not a genius in the delivery of all formats. You can suck in some ass and slide the others ... people can feel miles if you're not excited about it.

If it is just something check the list, are not.

You are not required to complete each "step" of what should be a "business model". You do not have to provide everything that everyone sells.

You need to find the phrases that allow you to be in your area of ​​genius as much as possible. And get good at this unapologetically.

3. Redefining the "leverage"

What is "leverage"? You can ask - because it's another irresponsible sound byte many are throwing around.

Irresponsible because it is defined rather narrow in most cases, and often we sent on a rabbit hole.

Think outside "leverage = 1: a lot of" box like digital products, online courses or group of programs.

(Note that you must invest time and effort to create this content even before they are paid ... there is always an opportunity cost is the best way to spend your time and genius?
Work to ensure that does not hear cricket when thrown?)

Leverage can simply mean that you perfect your skills, get incredibly good in this field, articulate value and relevance so that you can charge a premium.

4. Forget "charge what you deserve"

This is my great pet.

Do not tie your self-esteem with what people pay ... then debilitating.

I hear the coaches who are told in any training they have to pay a crazy amount per month (even if they start) ... otherwise, they are not going well.

Stop it.

Before we talk about numbers, let's talk about what the number is.

It is about what you bring to the table. Here's how to create meaning and add value.

It is if you can say aloud with confidence and awareness.

Its share is as good as what people are willing to pay - and depends on how confident and authentic can articulate value and do a good job to deliver beyond its promise.

Those who charge $ 10k a month, and make it worth every penny and more, did not start there. They offer, and require a fair exchange for the value they create for their customers.

Get down to work. Do not put on the pedestal. Get in the trenches.

5. Leave the bubble

All training and training programs put us in the echo chamber.

It took almost a year of detoxification so that I could hear myself thinking.

Do what is right for you. Do not get caught by sound bytes and rhetoric.

We are witnessing a reaction to all sales messages, online courses and training program in this space. When everyone wants to sell something that sounds like the guy next door, the market is tired, skeptical and resistant.

You need to be safer than ever before what you and your business need right now before you invest. It is not "if you are not willing to invest in itself (and whip credit card now) can not wait for others to invest in you" rhetoric - that is selfish, BS based on fear.

It is not only money. It is time and mental space - if you spend time and mental space on one thing, not having others that really matter.y

6. Be honest with yourself

At the end of the trip, you are what matters.

Just ask your Facebook bursary group how to make your decisions. Do not be intellectually lazy. Take responsability.

Most people find along the way will fall - you need to make sense for you.

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