Choosing the Most Cost Effective Labels for Your Business

By Matt Zar

Not sure how to choose the right label to fit your needs?

Follow our comprehensive label guide to learn which labels will be most cost-effective for your business.

Direct Thermal

If you're engaged in the short-term labeling of products that won't be exposed to harsh elements or UV ray, you should choose direct thermal. These are perfect for products and shipments that won't encounter high temperatures, and for businesses that require superior print quality on the finished label.

Thermal Transfer

Okay, but what if your products will be exposed to heath, sunlight, and harsh environmental elements? Not to worry! We've got you! Thermal transfer can withstand the most extreme temperatures, as well as a variety of different chemicals and pollutants. If you're shipping products or storing foods that will be kept outside, or kept in chemically-enhanced environments, choosing thermal transfer will ensure that the ink doesn't fade and the markings on the label remain clear. If your labels will be used for shipping purposes, warehouse storage units, distribution, or automobile products, thermal transfer are the way to go.


If you need to label anything that is vinyl, plastic, suede, leather, or velvet, steer clear of laser labels. While the adhesive in these labels makes them a bad choice for name tags, don't worry. Once again, we've got you. Laser labels are perfectly suited to lots of other applications, including most other types of fabric. Choose this product if you're working with paper products like envelopes and file folders, metals, shipping containers, and containers and bags made from polypropylene.

Pre-printed Labels

Pre-printed are a great choice if you are applicating items that are uniform in size and shape, and if many of your products require the same label every time a shipment is made. For example, you may need to include a "Fragile" label each time you ship products that could potentially break, or a label that indicates the contents of the package and the package itself are recyclable.

Choose pre-printed when you have a large number of uniform shipments to make and package. This will save you money because the more you order, the less expensive they'll be.

By choosing the correct type of label for your application, you'll ensure that your products are clearly marked, prevent increased costs due to label waste, and increase shipping accuracy and delivery times.
Which type of label does your business and shipping needs?

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