Stay true to yourself

The first time you start your business started, which was full of excitement and fear. They had ideas on what I wanted to look at your business. Once started the business, start, some of his ideas come to see the approach. It is very exciting! As some time passes, things can change. These changes can sometimes our vision and get us out of what excites us when we started.

Of course, we have to be adaptable to change things in our business. Change the time our attention Many of them too. However, the area you want to keep ... is your heart. It's easy to miss when things do not go according to our plan. Unfortunately, when we really lost, we can begin to compromise a part of ourselves. Things that are never accepted, finds themselves doing. It begins in its rules and sometimes resolves their values. What ends, happened, you begin to annoy your business and yourself.

Years ago, on the basis of a business house, I found myself in that position. I choose a position at home, so I could be with my baby at home. The activity was great. I could make my own schedule and earn a lot of money. Business declined slightly, and began working on Sunday. I know it does not sound like a big deal, but for me it was. It was a day that did not work, so I could be with my family. I began to hate my business.

Fast forward a few months to do this, complained to me, then in frustration Mentor is not at home with my family. For that, she said, "Why?". This was not an obvious question. This is not something you think "aha moment". But he was. See, I had control over my schedule, but the decision that ran counter to my vision. I did not have to blame.

This is a small thing compared to concessions made some progress. There are victims who sometimes have to bring him down forever. This is part of being an entrepreneur. But if things are abandoned or veränderst are important to you and deprive you of happiness, is it really worth it?

We have some time here on Earth. Make a name for yourself and provide a good life for you and your family is commendable. It is important. Remember that is not everything! Stay true to himself and he will be a happy businessman.