Beautiful Sable Sheltie Puppies For Sale

By Christopher Stone

Everybody knows how Shetland sheepdog looks like. He is not only beautiful and widely recognizable, but also really clever, playful, affectionate and loyal, just a perfect family pet. Although his coat can be black or red, sable is probably more associated with this breed, and there are some other interesting color variations. Beautiful Sable Sheltie puppies for sale are waiting for their new owners.

When it comes to a Sheltie's color, there are two basic coat colors recognizable, Black and Sable. On the other hand, there are three separate color genes, and every dog carries two of them, in different combinations. That's why Shelties are usually divided into Sable, Bicolor and Tricolor type. Sable has red coat with black overcoat, with whites on various parts, bicolor has black coat and tricolor carries all three colors, although there are also various combinations.

There is another gene called Merle. This particular gene brings color patterns on dog's coat, and might result with blue eyes. Puppies with Merle genes are easy recognizable, but sometimes it might be hard to recognize this particular Merle gene when it comes to adult dogs. Dogs with Merle genes should not be combined, because the puppies might have problems with hearing and even be blind.

Sable is the most popular variation. It can be dark red, mahogany red, golden brown or in any other shade, with large white areas and more or less distinctive black overcoat. When the puppy is still very young, he doesn't have so much white areas, but it will change as he grows older. He will probably be up to 41 cm high and with weight of up to 12 kg, and these are average numbers for both males and females.

Long and feathered coats look beautiful, but they make their grooming quite complicated. To keep this lovely coat free of mats, you have to comb and brush it frequently. It is a good idea to trim the hair on their private parts, for sanitary reasons. Heavy shedding and excessive shedding twice a year is something you have to be prepared to.

Most purebreds have several well known health issues. Good breeders mostly issue health certificate for their puppies, and this could be the best way to make sure they probably won't have problems with genetic diseases. Even so, finding a good vet is something you have to do, for regular vaccinations and checkups.

Keep in mind that this is one highly intelligent dog who needs mental and physical challenges to be happy and satisfied. Early socialization is extremely important, to avoid behavioral issues and boredom, as well as excessive barking later on. Even so, these dogs tend to react on sudden loud or strange noises and movements, and you have to be gentle with them.

Clever, responsive and interested in learning, Sheltie is just perfect for large families and gentle owners who appreciate peace and quiet life. Toddlers are often too loud and too much for any dog, and might scare him. He won't become aggressive or something, but might bark or become nervous. Loyal and nice to all people, but still alert and playful, this really is one unique dog, a friend for life.

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