Waco Flea Markets, Nearby Outlets And Thrift Stores

By William Thomas

When it comes to shopping, whether for gifts or necessities, there are several places an individual can go to do so. In some areas, discount, thrift shops and vintage stores are often popular. Whereas, there are three Waco flea markets which also have a lot to offer.

The three markets include Jen's Bazaar, the Treasure City Flea Market and the LaSalle Shoppes. As with all of these type markets some of are better others. Although, when it comes to these three in Waco, most agree that these are better than others. Shopping can often bring about hunger, when this happens in Waco, , the city has some of the best restaurants offering everything from Burgers to Sushi and beyond.

As most traditional flea markets are only open on weekends, it is nice that two out of three of the most popular in the area are open seven days a week. One of which is that Jen's Bazaar. For, the owner understands that there are some individuals whom work on weekends. As such, the owner tries to make sure that everyone whom desires to shop at the location has a chance to do so.

In most cases, stores in the area have a four and a half to five star rating on websites such as Yelp. While this is the case, it should be noted that as these type stores often have high traffic, some of those disappointed in conditions with the bathroom or walking paths may have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. As such, it is important that while there may be negative comments in these areas not to necessarily let those comments decide whether or not to visit the establishment.

The LaSalle Shoppes are more of a local outlet mall rather than a flea market. At the same time, the store has a lot of antiques, collectibles and vintage goods. In addition, located on LaSalle Blvd, it is conveniently located just off the main freeway. As such, it is popular and often quite busy, especially on weekends.

Whether desiring to visit a traditional market, an antique and collectibles mall or a shop open outside hours of most others, Waco appears to have it all. As such, whether living in the area, or passing through, it is clear there are a number of great places to shop. For those wishing to sell antiques and collectibles, there are often people at each market which can lead one in the right direction to do so. For, while some may or may not purchase from individuals, those working in these markets often have knowledge with regards to those who do so.

In addition to the flea markets and stores in the area, a trip downtown will lead to Sugar Baby, a retro candy store selling all the old time favorites. While known for retro favorites, the Jack Daniels ice cream, pick your own soda area and overall ambiance are worth checking out. Just down the street sits an old theater offering a dine-in experience of first release movies as well as independent films.

Whereas, art lovers might want to take a gander at the many art galleries, museums on and off the campus of Baylor University. For, while there are a lot of ways to spend time in Waco, visiting the many art galleries, museums, restaurants and theaters can often provide a great deal of entertainment at very little costs. Whether dining, shopping or visiting galleries and museums, there is no doubt individuals will have a great time in Waco.

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