Have Fun And Be Productive At A Party For Paint And Drink Jersey Shore Bars And Taverns Throw

By Diane McDonald

Having a fun night out, for many people on the Jersey Shore, means traipsing from bar to bar and having to take a cab or hitch a ride home. There are also many people who are, more and more, taking advantage of a fun and creative evening out that still has drinking involved. This is accomplished by visiting one of the bars, taverns or other establishments that offers a class dealing with a class for fun paint and drink Jersey Shore homeowners have a ball at.

You are able to find these establishments fairly easily. You may be surprised that some of your regular bars or taverns host these parties on various nights. These little classes run about three hours or less. They are less expensive than a regular pub crawl and, being more fun, you can actually remember your night the next morning.

You will see posters that are hanging on the walls of your favorite watering hole. These will indicate the presence of these classes and when and at what time. You might be able to notice a particular pattern of these parties. You will see they may be thrown on similar days each week or month. Many people schedule their month this way in order to show off to friends and neighbors what they have found just right down the street from their neighborhood.

You will also notice that listed on those posters, will be the wine selection. Many people schedule their attendance at these events by the availability of certain labels, vintages or vineyards being present. There is a notice about the availability of soda and or beer as well.

The events that will occur at this party or class may just scare off a few of the attendees, the first time. They are going to be involved in learning about something they may have never thought they would be interested in. They will be doing something they did not think would ever have any kind of draw on them.

Everyone is painting the same image. This image may be surrealistic. It could be a high tone image, such as portraiture. It could be a scene from just around the corner or one that is visited in another country. It could be a dark representation of what the local artist, who will be hosting the evening, thinks about the world as well.

Most classes are conducted in much the same way. The class will be called into session and all supplies, such as paint brushes, paint, and even canvasses are passed out. You will have an easel and will be instructed how it is set up and mount the canvass upon it. The artist will show the class the image they will be working on.

The artist will demonstrate some technique they used to achieve one of the main elements of the picture they are showing. This may be a different brush stroke or the mixing of various colors of pigment. Everyone will watch, learn and have the ability to ask questions. They will then get to work with the artist circulating through the room helping those in need.

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