How To Find A Good Labrador Breeder

By George Peterson

When buying a dog, you need to ensure that you get it from a reliable facility. The process of breeding dogs requires a great deal of professionalism and cannot be done by just anyone. To get happy puppies, you need to find a professional with the right skills and knowledge. Below are some qualities that you can check when choosing a Reliable Labrador Breeder.

A good facility should focus on a single breed. This is usually a good sign of professionalism as these professionals will know so much about that breed. Hence, they can ensure that it if provided with conducive care for its qualities. However, if you find that the facility has several breeds, that could be a sign that they are more money oriented.

The best breeders have all the genetic documents of each dog stored securely. This enables them in record keeping and ensuring that they do not accidentally contaminate the genetic pool of their breeds. Also, it gives the buying confidence they are indeed buying a pedigree animal. Remember that some crossbreeds are very difficult to tell from a purebred.

Ask if the whelps are registered. A good professional will ensure that the pups are registered with the American Kennel Club. The documents should be available so that they can be transferred to you after the purchase. This generally indicates the ownership of the dog and its family tree. However, you should note that if the pups are still very young, you may find that they have not been registered.

The quality of the facility is another important factor to consider. The places where the animals are bred should be clean and hygienic. They should also be well spaced. Too much crowding may cause stress and diseases may spread easily. On the other hand, isolation can also make the animals lonely and antisocial. Thus, the breeder should meet the right space requirements.

Choose breeders with experience. You do not need someone who has bred puppies for ten years, but someone who know the breed well and can ensure that the pups are raised in the best conditions. Experience helps in that such professionals can offer valuable tips in training the pup.

Ask if they keep the health records of each animal. Every animal should be taken through a screening test. This ensures that they are check for medical anomalies such as genetic defects. Thus, the breeder is able to only breed those parents that have the best health status.

Consider the release period for the pups. You cannot order your pup and have it delivered just three weeks after delivery. Most facilities can only release the pups after 8 weeks as this allows adequate time for bonding in the litter and to develop. The pups may have social and health problems if separated too early.

Ask if they have a buy back policy. You may buy the dog but certain unavoidable circumstance dictate that you get rid of it. Some breeders can buy back such animals since they know their history.

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