More Information About Old English Sheepdog

By Richard Howard

The term sheep dog is used for any dog breed that can be used to sheep. Several dog breeds are categorized under sheepdog. Including Hungarian Puli, Tornjak, border collie, Icelandic, Cumberland, Shetland, old English, Polish Lowland sheepdogs and Maremma. This article mainly focuses on the Old English sheepdog variety.

This variety of dog is large in size and maintains an athletic gait and an unmistakable shaggy coat. Historically, this dog was used by farmers to drive their cattle to markets and other places. This traditional duty that these dogs were used for in the past has changed a lot as they are now used as domestic pets. They live in the comfort of homes and are occasionally used to compete in agility, obedience, conformation, and herding trials.

Naturally Old English are usually playful. It is normal to observe their puppies play with other dogs, small kids, and other pets. The adolescence stage of Old English is extended by three years due to this playful nature. The playful nature goes even beyond adolescence into adulthood. This kind of temperament is what makes it easier to raise them in homes together with other pets.

The puppies are quick learners. Generally, these breed is a very intelligent dog that does not need a lot of repetition to master a skill or trick. When left on their own, they always try to find something interesting to keep themselves busy. They are capable of performing several different mental and physical exercises, including obedience, herding, search and rescue, and agility.

The pups require a lot of physical and mental exercise because of their playful nature. Fully grown dogs and puppies need to be exercised and taken for a walk daily. For the puppies to develop properly human companion is very important, it is not advised to leave the dogs alone and lonely.

Puppies grow into kind adults with proper nurturing and sufficient care. One thing is that they make good companions to kids and good family dogs. Despite, the good traits they should not be confused for excellent watchdogs. This is because they are too social to the extent that they rarely bark to strangers. But there are instances when they become quite protective of their owners against intruders.

Old English Sheepdogs are normally very active at a young age. This means that they become destructive if that energy is not put to proper use through exercise. One destructive way of releasing their energy is chewing on items around the house including furniture besides running around. Keep them busy and ensure they exercise regularly. It is good that way.

Since the dogs have a thick coat, it is important to ensure that they keep cool. One should avoid exercising them in hot weather. Obedience training should be given to them when they are still young enough to avoid misbehavior. For obedience training, one should hire a certified dog trainer to give lessons. Those who are conversant with dog training may do it by themselves too.

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