There Are Important Benefits To Adult Dance Lessons Oklahoma Seniors Enroll In

By Virginia Rogers

Some seniors love retirement, and others find the transition difficult, especially if they don't have hobbies to entertain them. When most seniors grew up, exercising was something most often done by athletes. Some seniors have embraced exercising on treadmills and stationary bikes. Others hate the idea of repetitive exercise. For these older citizens, the adult dance lessons Oklahoma organizations offer can be the perfect alternative.

If you are afraid of getting weaker and less mobile as you age, dancing is a great way to get the strength back in your legs. Not only are you exercising your calves, thighs, and feet as you move around the floor, you are putting weight on them at the same time. In a way this is a form of resistance exercising using your own body as the weight. You will also increase your endurance as you progress in your lessons.

Flexibility is something else older adults begin to lose, and dancing will help with this as well. You don't have to settle for stiff, creaky joints just because you're aging. When you start dancing, you will be forced to move and stretch your body. As you warm up before classes, you will have a chance to stretch the muscles in your neck, shoulders, sides and back.

Another surprising reality of retirement is how easy it is to get isolated. You might not see people on a daily basis since you don't go into the office anymore. Old coworkers may call occasionally, but you probably don't have as much as say to each other. Contemporaries become fewer. Dancing classes will give you a chance to meet new people who enjoy some of the same things you do.

Dancing uses all kinds of body muscles. After you have been dancing for awhile, you will begin to see a difference when you look at yourself in the mirror. You may never be twenty-five again, but you will start to get a toned and healthy looking body you can be proud of no matter what your age. Your posture will probably improve, and your self-esteem certainly will.

If you have picked up an extra few pounds due to inactivity, you will probably see them melt away because you're burning a lot more calories than usual. Dancing for an hour or two twice a week is a great exercise regimen. You may decide you want to take it further and apply for a gym membership or talk some friends into starting a walking club.

The threat of Alzheimer's is never far from any senior's mind. The idea of losing your memory and becoming dependent on others can be terrifying. Dancing isn't a cure for the disease, but studies show it can improve memory. Dancers have to learn steps and movement specific to different kinds of dances. They have to remember them the next time they hit the floor.

Getting older can be a great adventure. You do have to work at it however. You must keep an open mind, try new things, stay active, and be grateful for every day.

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