Cavachon Puppies: Things To Know Before Buying One

By Walter Patterson

Looking for a new puppy is always an exciting moment for the family. There are lots of things to learn about different breeds before getting one that will be a right fit for your home environment. If you are interested in Cavachon puppies, here is some crucial information to look at beforehand.

The first thing you should understand is that cavachons are not pure breeds. This breed comes as a result of crossbreeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. It is largely regarded as a designer dog. The breed is renowned for its sweet temper, making it an excellent choice of pet for a home with kids.

So far, it has been difficult to state an authoritative breed standard for since it is a crossbreed. However, researchers have put together some basic facts about its overall characteristics. It is through analyzing this information that you will be able to decide wisely.

To begin with, the small size of the breed is the first thing you will notice about it. This particular trait makes the dog a good option for an individual who lives in an apartment or a small home. It is also recommended for one who likes to head outdoors regularly in a recreational vehicle. An adult dog may have a height of 12 or 13 inches.

Their coats are also generally soft and silky. They come in three standard color variations. These include white, black mixed with white or tan and apricot mixed with white. White ones tend to be the most popular among buyers.

It is not advisable to use this breed as a guard dog. They do not have the kind of aggressiveness required for this role. They are tolerant and highly affectionate. As such, they are best used as pets by kids and can be kept in homes with other pets.

Like other dogs, they tend to be largely energetic. However, they do not like being hyperactive like popular breeds such as German Shepherds. A little exercise every day should be enough for them to make up for their high energy levels. Most people like to walk them around or engage them in a game of catch.

Kids often love this breed as it is cute and establishes strong bonds. A kid who gets one for a pet is certain to get attached to it during the course of growing up. Research has indicated that cavachons have an innate crave for attention and companionship. If your child does not have a sibling or close friend nearby, you should get this pet dog.

Puppies generally weigh between four and five pounds. As they grow, they must be handled with care. This means providing them with regular meals and safe places to sleep. The best time to train your pet is when it is still young. Keep some consistency during its initial training period so as to orient it with your words and actions.

Health is one factor you should scrutinize. Check its nose, gums, eyes, inner ears, coat, tail, anal region and behavior. Thereafter, keep it clean by following a strict grooming schedule.

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