Hints For Hosting A Houston Caricature Artist For Your Special Event

By Sharon Cook

If you have been assigned the task of hiring entertainment for a corporate or private event, you have probably already researched bands, individual musicians, disc jockeys, and clowns. These are traditional choices. Guests expect them when attending special events. If you want to provide something a little unusual, that will amuse the crowd, whatever the age, you should consider hiring a Houston caricature artist.

In order to make this as successful as possible, you need to take some simple steps suggested by the artists themselves. You should give some thought to where the individual will be working. If you are hosting an outside event, you absolutely must situate the portraitist in a shady spot. Guests won't be able to sit still long with the sun beating down on them, and the artist will need frequent breaks to cool off.

The station should also be a little bit out of the way, in a quiet spot where the guests posing and the drawer can have a conversation. Successful caricatures say a lot about the personality of each person portrayed. In order to get a sense of your guests, the artist will want to talk about their hobbies or favorite celebrities. A spot by the DJ or band will make that impossible.

It takes a little time to create a caricature. You don't want guests standing in a long line waiting for their turn at the chair. If you are hosting a small event, you could give everyone a number and call it out when the artist is ready to begin their portrait. Keeping a small line behind the drawer, at a large event, will usually work.

If your event has a theme, and your guests want their pictures drawn in some specific costumes or with a sports mascot, providing the portraitist with a picture of a mascot or costume will be extremely helpful. Most professional artists, who do this type of work, try to stay current, but having a reference to go by will make the final product more specific and satisfying.

Artists really appreciate the hosts who remember to bring them refreshments periodically as they are drawing. Liquid refreshments are especially helpful. They keep the drawer from getting a dry mouth from talking to all the guests and from getting dehydrated in warm weather. It's a good idea to ask guests to leave their plates at their tables instead of taking them into the portrait area however.

Since you probably have a budget to adhere to, you need to know in advance how much it will cost to have a portraitist at your event. The cost will vary depending on your location and what all you want the individual to do. In most areas, artists charge between seventy-five and a hundred and twenty-five dollars an hour.

Successful hosts provide their guests with a fun and relaxing atmosphere. There is always great food and entertainment. The best hosts also come up with unusual and interesting ways to amuse the crowd.

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