How To Find A Good Durham NC Custody Attorney

By Barbara Burns

The biggest point of concern during divorce is the children. Where will they live? How will they take it? Which parent is best suited to get physical custody? A Durham NC custody attorney will come in handy in this instance. They are not only important in the event of a divorce but also when a parent wants to change previous terms or give the child a better life. The lawyer will help one prove they are the fit parent. They will also choose the type of placement that is best for the children.

There are several types of placements. There is legal in which one parent is given the right to solely make legal decisions impacting the child such as religion or residence. There is also physical where the child gets to live with one parent. If both parents have to make decisions, it often raises many problems, which sometimes require court intervention to settle. There is also sole, where one parent gets all the responsibility. They make decisions and the child lives with them and the other parent may be granted visitation rights.

This is a complicated case. Taking a child from their parent will require a careful maneuvering of any legal system. One will need to have all the necessary information to determine whether they have legal standing. They will need to understand what it will mean, in legal terms, to take this child away from their parent. A lawyer will be very useful in this respect.

One should ensure to pick the right type of lawyer. Picking a divorce lawyer who does not understand children rights will not work well. They will not understand the need to put the children first in developing strategy. The proceedings should not intrude into the lives of the children. They should not be taken out of school unnecessarily to gain favor with the court. A lawyer will also be great in the event the parents decide they want to resolve the matter through mediation.

One must ensure the lawyer is registered in the state bar. They should not have a spotty disciplinary record or be prone to suggesting unethical practices. One should keep in mind that this person is a party in the life of the children. Hurting their image or physical wellbeing would come back to affect the kids. Any lawyer who suggests either of these should be reported to the bar.

Being involved in such a case can be hectic. One gets to spend a lot of time with their lawyer. In most cases, the lawyer is unable to meet the client outside the office so one has to go to them. Therefore, the office must be close. A local lawyer will also have a good grasp of the legal system of the state.

Fees paid to a lawyer are determined by the amount of time spent n the case and the expenses incurred. The lawyer might need to travel to talk to a character witness and thus need fuel for the car, accommodation or so. These are all chargeable to the client and should be considered. If the fees are too high for one to bear, it might be better to get someone cheaper.

Experience is important. The last thing one wants to do is leave the fate of their children in the hands of someone who is only just getting their feet wet. One should also find reviews and testimonials. The lawyer must have successfully carried the same kind of case before, a few times. Losing this case is not an option especially if the other parent is a deadbeat. A good lawyer will make all the difference.

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