Qualities Of A Dressage Training Instructor

By Elizabeth Smith

Whether you are using a horse for competition or just a walk on the farm, it is essential to have the necessary riding skills. Lack of these techniques can lead to injuries especially if the horse is moving at high speed. Someone who wants to help people become good riders can use the following traits of dressage training instructors to gauge himself.

A good trainer is one who understands that each of his trainees has special needs that should be taken care of. While one may want to be a competitive horse rider, another one may be in class just to be able to have fun with his horse. Beginners require more attention than those who have been there before. Being able to focus on every individual is essential to help improve each one of them.

The student to teacher relationship is one factor that affects the performance of every trainee. Sometimes the instructor might be too tough on his subjects such that instead of looking forward to the lessons they are dreaded by it. Their concentration, in this case, will be compromised and they will take an extended period before mastering a simple concept.

Good communication skills enable one to convey instructions in a manner that is well understood by everyone. The greatest discouragement a teacher can experience is teaching something that none of his learners can understand, even after repeating it severally. The method through which the concept is instilled into them is hence essential for them and the trainer too.

Flexibility will allow you to use different techniques on the same schedule. Students have different characters, and while some may be vibrant, others are just quiet and do not fancy a lot of excitement. Some are moodier than others too. As a trainer, you should be able to teach the same thing using different techniques depending on the mood and character of the learners.

It is essential for one to be patient in this field. For a trainee to capture a concept and understand it fully, they should be given enough time. Pressuring them to be fast will not only make them skip some important details, but it will also make them feel bad about themselves. They will start thinking that they are not good enough to be riders and this will discourage them from attending the lessons.

It is important to note that horse riding is not an easy task and sometimes the earner may feel discouraged. This mostly happens with new riders when they are unable to understand the concepts or when they are not confident enough to do it. Sometimes it may be too much that they even want to quit. The trainer should have motivational skills to encourage them to keep trying.

To enhance their careers, instructors must seek more and more knowledge. They are aware even if they know a lot; they do not do everything pertaining horse riding. Learning new thing is hence a requirement. This can be done by reading related magazines, sharing ideas with friends or even joining professional bodies that offer training to their members.

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