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By Ronald Clark

Art is a form of expression that is done by people to depict something, to relay or communicate information or to just duplicate an original image. It can be expressed by drawings, painting, sculpture works and even crafts works. It was practiced since ancient times. Evidence indicate some of drawings and sculptures created by the early man. The drawings could be dated back in to ancient times, they were done in caves walls. To find trainers of Martial arts AR can be visited.

Systematic and well-coordinated moves are examples of hand combat that are involved during martial art. China is the original place for this form of fighting. Though it has traditional twists, the earliest form of fighting has developed from time to time. Buddhism is a religion that is widely spread in china and it is well linked to this form of art.

This form of fighting has survived the passing of time and is still widely practiced today. It is mostly practiced for a number of reasons. This reasons include self-defense purposes, military purposes, law reinforcement applications, metal or spiritual development and as well as entertainment and preservation of a particular place cultural heritage. It can only be done by highly skilled and experienced people.

For a person to be able to perform this type of combat they need to undergo special training offered by professionals. For a person to become a pro in this type of combat they have to also undergo various types of testing and evaluation. This helps one to determine their progress or their level of skill in specific contexts. The testing is done periodically and sometimes it is held as competition to determine a winner. The winner gets a trophy and also moves to the next stage of learning.

Currently martial art is conducted as a sport. There are various methods of performance namely the light and medium contact that restrict the use of heavy force to hit a person. Instead, only light force and touch is used.

There is also the full contact type of combat. In this form a series of movements are used raging from the light to medium force the aim being to knock a person down or force an opponent to submit. Martial art is very competitive and evolved to a whole lot of types. Some of these include judo, taekwondo, and western archery, and boxing, javelin, wrestling and fencing. It is actively practiced in tournaments across the world.

This form of combat has many benefits to the trainees. This benefits include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The movements involved in the training can boost a person physical fitness. It can boost their strength, stamina and flexibility. As one is training, the muscles in the entire body move thus contributing to their physical fitness.

Martial art can be likened to a nature of art. The movements involved resemble an emotional dance. As one engages in the movements, it is like they are communicating some information or expressing inner feelings. Law enforcement and the military also use the movements to train officers of the law and soldiers respectively.

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