Vital Components For Putting Together A Gamer PC

By Jennifer Kelly

There is no denying the fact that maintaining an active interest in gaming can be incredibly expensive. This is because high grade machines largely tend to be costly, an aspect not made better by increasing demand. Read on to know what you will need to set up your gamer PC individually.

Many people may consider this an impractical approach, more so considering the high expenses involved. The components needed in this case add up to about $2000. In some places, this price may even go slightly higher. The saving grace is that you are assured of superb performance with any PC game you have in mind.

The first component you will need is a high grade CPU. The Intel Core i7 8700K has proven dominant in this category. Its high cost is what normally makes people shy away from purchasing it. This processor has been proven to have the highest clockspeed in the Intel family of processors. It also has six cores, an aspect that gives it an advantage in processing power over other processors.

Installing a reliable motherboard is a no brainer. There are many reliable Z370 types that are readily available. The least costly ones go for around $100, with $500 variants being on the high end of this spectrum. Ensure you choose one that has great overclocking support for your chosen CPU. The $200 ones always perform impressively.

A machine that has ample memory is always great for gaming. One may easily get confused during the search for a reliable RAM module. The confusion often comes in when analyzing speed and size. While size is a crucial thing to look at, anything greater than 16GB will give you a hard time to tailor to your processing speed specifications. Recommended modules are those within the DDR4-3200 series.

If you do everything else correctly and fail to upgrade your graphics properties, your gaming experience will suck. For good performance, go for the GTX 1080 Ti card. This graphics card is a variant in the Nvidia GeForce series. It retails at about $700 in most stores.

You should not forget to install a good power supply unit. Anything in the EVGA P2 family would be excellent. This series has garnered a lot of acclaim for its reliable performance. Its units feature a modular design that is essentially useful in neat cable placement. There is a ten year warranty that also comes with purchasing one.

One cannot talk about building a computer without thinking of primary storage. The most important aspects to look at here are read speeds and capacity, with 1TB being the recommended size. Also bear in mind that SSDs always cost more than HDDs. What you should look for, nonetheless, is a drive that will offer optimal performance for many years.

Lastly, your build will always shut down mid game if you do not install the correct CPU cooler. The NZXT Kraken series has always been an efficient choice. Performance is top notch and installation is relatively easy. The Kraken X62, in particular, has a sizeable 280mm radiator. Also be sure to place your final build in a good case.

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