Brittany Pups For Sale: How To Prepare You Home Before Bringing In A Pup

By Kathleen Powell

The day you take your new pup home remains memorable to both you and your puppies. Actually, it is similar to taking a newborn home from the hospital. It is okay to feel a bit nervous as you would want all to go on perfectly. After all, the impression you first create matters. You would like to make your new pup feel at home, safe, welcomed and loved. However, this does not have to be a daunting task. If you took time to prepare you home, you will certainly have confidence as you bring this adorable creature home. You will also be courageous enough to find the best Brittany pups for sale.

You should start by preparing your roommates for the new responsibility. It is important to know the person who will be responsible for the new pup before the pup comes. The pup will require a person to play with, feed him, walk him outside and keep him company. Also the pups will require acceptance and love from all your family members.

You should also invest in the items that the pup will require. This is a vital and an interesting part of preparation. You can get all that your pup will require from your local pup store or online. There are different items that you will require. Some of the items include, toys, food, bowls, bed and leash and collar.

You should also find a new vet for your puppy. You should look for a vet who lives near your home. This will make it easy for you to bring the puppy for vaccines and annual checkups. You should also have an emergency vet who works twenty four seven and ensure that every family members can access the contact of the emergency vet.

Check the condition of your home. Make sure that the condition will not compromise the safety of these puppies. There are numerous ways you can prepare your home for the arrival of the puppies. One of the ways you can prepare your home is by ensuring proper fencing to prevent the pet from getting out of the home compound.

Some people bring in pups in their homes at the wrong time. For instance, in case you are contemplating going somewhere the following day, it is not wise to bring the pup. This is because you will need to spend time with your pup. This will help them to settle and also give you the chance to interact and bond with the pup. Your pup will also not be very lonely in the new home.

Let your pup know where his potty area is. You need to also praise him the first time he goes to the potty. Avoid overwhelming your pup. You should not ignore the pup. Instead, balance plenty of pats and cuddles with giving the pup some space. In case you have kids at home, teach them to be slow and gentle with the pets during the first days. They can have play time later.

Observe the pets behaviors keenly. Pups are different. You must never expect your pets to behave like the other pups you have interacted with or like that of your neighbors. Take time to learn your pets likes and dislikes.

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