Enjoy A Day Trip At Sea With Tarpon Springs Fishing

By Daniel Cox

Few things are more exciting than spending a day out on a boat, in the middle of the ocean. Imagine how much fun you would have if you could do that, while also filling your freezer with fresh fish that you caught yourself. That is all possible if you buy a boat and go on a Tarpon Springs fishing expedition.

Of course, buying a boat is very expensive, so luckily there are charter companies that allow you to rent a boat to go fishing. You do not even have to have any experience or equipment, as a dedicated crew can help you learn the ropes. Those who do have experience can just kick back and relax as you wait for the fish to start biting.

When you decide to take the trip, you will have a very wide variety of offerings to choose from. This is because there are many trip lengths available, depending on what kind of fish you are trying to catch, and how long you want to be out to sea. There are some that are as little as three to four hours. You could do a much longer one of up to 8 hours, or go for the all day affair and take a 12 hour excursion.

There are even overnight trips offered by some charter services. They last anywhere from 24 to 30 hours, usually, and you will have a blast. Meals are usually a part of the deal, along with refreshments and drinks to ensure you stay well fed and hydrated for the entire tour. These have limited space, so sign up fast.

The fees that the charter service charge for your excursion will vary according to the length of time of the trip. You can bring your own poles and other equipment if you have it, but the cost includes all necessary equipment, including bait and poles. The cost will likely also include your official and legally necessary Florida fishing license. This saves you a lot of time and hassle, and ensures that the only additional money you need is some cash to tip the crew at the end.

You can pay just for yourself on a public charter, which means that you will be paired with other solo fishers, which allows you to make new friends. If you bring someone with you, there may be a discount for that second person. You can also bring your family or work colleagues to bond and get a special group rate. You can even rent the entire boat out for yourself and your party if you want privacy.

On the appointed day, you will be welcoming on board by your crew, who have tons of experience at sea. They know the best spots to get the most bites, and will even clean and pack your catches for you, or teach you how to do it yourself if you would prefer.

There are many types of fish you can choose from, depending on what you have a taste for. Red snapper is very popular in these waters, as well as grouper, cobia, and trout. Then of course there is tarpon, which is what Tarpon Springs is famous for, hence the name.

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