Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

By Harold Moore

Two specific breed types of German Shepherd are available from the short coat to the longer hairs contributing to a powerful and an impressive canine. These dogs received recognition in 1899 and include high levels of endurance and capabilities for various work purposes. Long haired German Shepherd puppies for sale are sought for their personality and their highly intelligent nature.

The long coat German Shepherd was once banned from the show ring as not conforming to the breed standard and its lack of an undercoat. Over time, these canines have become more established and recently accepted into the ring, but also make for exceptional pets. The high energy and strong work ethic of the breed have been maintained by avid breeders ensuring the longevity of longer coated Shepherds.

Long haired German Shepherds are growing in popularity, not only for their nature, but their beauty. The shorter hair is popular and most commonly bred, but the impressive appearance of the lengthier coat makes these canines more impressive in appearance and highly sought after. Finding a good breeder and understanding what to look for in well-bred pups can make all the difference.

Shepherds with longer hair are sold by registered breeders allowing you to contact a kennel club association and receive recommendations on the select seller. Shepherd puppies for sale are high energy, bright eyed ad very eager to meet their new owners. If you do not notice these qualities in a future pet, it could signal poor handling, breeding or improper socialization.

Request a health certificate from your breeder indicating the list of vaccinations received to date. Once the vaccines are completed, it will be your duty to take the pet to your vet and have the routine checks and updates performed ensuring that animals remain well protected against disease. The health assessment also reveals the pedigree including the procedures applied to deliver pets without hip and other conditions.

Registered breeders can issue proof of genetics with a complete certificate detailing the healthline of the dog. This includes sires and dams previously incorporated in the breeding process to ensure your puppy is purely bred. With the proper measures in place and looking into the practices of breeders, you can rest assured that the best healthcare and breed procedures are implemented.

If you are buying online, look for breeders with a complete assessment from previous buyers and learn of their reputability. Your seller will request a deposit and choosing a puppy, but ensure the correct address and details are provided to minimize losing your deposit and never seeing a puppy. New images not copied from the web and previous pet owner or buyer comments are suitable when learning of a trustworthy seller.

The German Shepherds available will possess a striking and soft coat that prove most appealing and include a strong sense of personality. These powerful dogs require a strict regime and training to minimize developing unwanted behaviors in the family home. Search for a breeder with the proper standards and find the German Shepherd long hair pups with the necessary care.

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