Procedures For Aspiration Pneumonia Prevention

By Helen Ward

There are various kinds of illnesses. There are those which can be prevented and those which cannot. Those that can be prevented require individual effort in following all the preventive measures in order to avoid acquiring the illness. On this paper we shall discus some of the procedures of aspiration pneumonia prevention.

Maintain Proper Posture when Having a Meal or taking liquids. It recommended that when taking food, the individual should seat in an upright posture to enable food to follow the right channel in to the stomach. This also applies to hospital patients who are bed ridden. In this scenario, the head of the bed is usually elevated in almost an upright posture to allow effective swallowing. Being on wrong posture may direct the food to the wind pipe which may lead to respiratory problems.

Use of an Appropriate Amount of Sedatives. The use of relaxation medication for those who experience frequent and persistent coughs and gag has been found to be very helpful in reducing these problems. However, excessive use sedates reduces the patients ability to handle secretion and gastric contents. Sedation may also slow or hinder gastric emptying and it is therefore advisable to use the smallest amount as possible.

Avoid Talking while Eating. This falls under the basic table manners which every individual in civilized world is expected to observe. Talking while eating opens up the wind pipe and allows entry of booth food materials and pathogens. This leads to infection of the trachea and the lungs, leading to pneumonia. It is therefore important to observe this simple procedure in order to avoid this problem.

Shun from Injecting Things into the Nose. Every individual should avoid introducing either solid or liquid material into the nose. The materials once introduced can easily slip into the nose down to the wind pipe and finally into the lungs. This can lead to infection of the respiratory system if the injected materials contained pathogens that are able to cause infection. Avoiding this practice always has beneficiary results.

Get Immediate Medical Support In case of any Signs. When an individual develop signs that suggest of possible aspiration pneumonia, immediate medical assistance should be sorted. This will enable timely diagnosis and advises on how to prevent or avoid further development of the infection. In addition, timely diagnosis helps in reducing the adverse psychological impacts of the infection.

Abide by the Doctors Assistance. It is good to consult and follow what the doctor or other medical practitioners suggest about a given preventive measure. The doctors always give the best ways of preventing a given medical condition and following these guidelines enable an individual from acquiring and infection that might lead to an illness.

The need to be healthy is a universal need of every individual. Everyone wishes to protect his/ her self from getting infected and falling sick. This is however not easy to be achieved by every individual due to many factors. It therefore remains an individual effort to ensure that he/she avoids infection by following all the procedures of doing so from all the available and reliable sources.

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