Steps To Successfully Filing A Divorce Uncontested Georgia

By Melissa Olson

At some point, we all dream of falling in love, getting married and starting a family. However, no marriage is a bed of roses. It is little wonder that divorce is so common nowadays. It is almost as if people expect in to happen as they write up a prenup beforehand. The article gives several steps to divorce uncontested Georgia.

Some marriages are both by license and by the ceremony. You need to confirm you are legally married. If for example, you signed the papers after the ceremony you will definitely need to file for a divorce. In order to file for a separation in Georgia, you need to have been a resident for at least six months. You will be required to prove it in court by using receipts, drivers license among other things.

It is required that you file the divorce in the county where your ex to be resides. This can only happen if you are in the same state. If your spouse, however, moves to another state, you can file the separation in your own county. It is not necessary that the other person is in the same county. It will, however, be safe to wait for about a month.

The next step is to gather information for a petition. The petition needs specific details on why you want to file for separation. You may wonder where to start. Luckily the legal aid of Georgia will come to your rescue. They have come up with forms which you can fill with all the necessary details. There are many things needed the fill, but you can always cancel all the unnecessary sections.

Changing names is not a necessity in a marriage, but it is very common. During the separation, this is an issue that will come up. The spouse with the name of the other may decide to go back to their original last name. They may also choose the newly acquired name which they can only keep with the consent of their spouse.

Filing for a separation may cost you some money. For example, the simple filing would be $200. There are other costs like taking care of the documentation. In the event that your income is too low and you cannot afford the fee, you can ask for a reduction or a waiver. The court can decide whether to grant or deny your request.

You need to agreeable terms such as custody. You also need to know how much time each parent gets with the child. After a conclusion has been reached you need to sign the papers in the presence of the notary. The signing is preferred in blue ink as a way of showing the originality of the signatures.

You need to go to court for filing. After that, you are given a court hearing date. After all the proceedings are done, and all is agreed upon, you get your set of the separation papers and wait for the finalization.

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