Louisiana Hunting Supply Store; Deer Attractants You Should Secure For Your Expedition

By Walter Stone

If you are like most hunters, you will count down the days, hours and minutes to your next blood sports expedition. It is beyond debate that this is a beloved hobby for many, and it is also quite interesting. In case you have decided to hunt a deer on your next trip, you will want to have more than merely the ideal weapons and ammo. It will be of prime importance for you to also purchase quality deer attractants from a well-established Louisiana hunting supply store.

Seasoned deer hunters know that the beasts are fans of apples. Using apple flavored products could therefore make your adventures more thrilling and with better chances of being successful. Products are available in the form of scented blocks, corn and liquid. Just like fishing, you need to have adequate bait before your quest begins.

If you find peanut butter in your local hunting store, do not raise an eyebrow. This also happens to be a powerful deer attractant. Get your jars and drill holes on the lids. You may then smear a generous amount of the product on the lid and hung or nail it on a tree that is within shooting range. It will not be long before your prey comes to you. You could also use various other deer sucker products, such as molasses.

Another superb way of the baiting your prey is by using mineral and flavor blends. The beasts love salt and this means that you cannot go wrong if you purchase some deer licks in your favorite hunting store. The scent of the blend will again attract your prey, making it easier for you to successfully implement your method of take.

Hoofed animals will have a particular liking for certain plants. That said, you can choose to purchase food plots from brands like Tecomate. This works tremendously and the best part is that you could use your plots for several days. For many, using such products is the key to ultimate success, especially when intending to stay in the bush for a while.

Acorn scented products will also do you good during your hunt. Because you would be focused on deer hunting, you may want to buy white oak acorns and not the red kind. White acorns have lesser tannin and are hence not too bitter. If you so wish, you could even spread the acorn on your food plots.

Unplanned expeditions mainly make sense for seasoned hunters. Even so, when it comes to deer hunts, even the veterans may need to use bait. Make sure that you plan for your adventure when the weather is right. Some pre-planning before your big day could greatly increase your chances of having a great time.

Preparing for a trips means that you must visit your preferred hunting supply store. Get the appropriate weapon and ammo after you have chosen your method of take. It will also be essential for you to purchase hunting boots, gloves, backpack and camouflage attire. Decide on the best bait to use and seek recommendations from the sales representative. Such experts are often highly knowledgeable and they could provide just the information you need to acquire the right items.

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