A Useful Guide On Protecting Against Elephant Poachers

By Brenda Brown

The population of elephants across the word has continued to reduce owing the persistent poaching activities. The trend is worrying because the rate at which these animals are being killed is higher than their rate of breeding. Without proper measures for protecting against elephant poachers, these animals are in a dire threat of extinction. Here are useful tips that can help prevent this from happening.

There needs to be a deliberate effort by global leaders to push for the ban on ivory trade. Although the trade for this product has been in existence centuries, people need to be aware of its negative effects on the existence of elephants. Therefore, nations that are still involved in this trade, need to be persuaded to abolish it.

Ivory products are used by individuals in the homes or religious places. If these people are sensitized to the dangers of harvesting ivory, then they would look for alternative materials to make their ornaments and antiques. The best way people can support the conservation efforts of elephants is by making deliberate efforts not to buy ivory. The net effect is the loss of market for elephant tusks thereby eliminating the motivation to poach these animals.

This change in behavior among consumers of ivory products will be achieved by championing aggressive campaigns until the targeted individuals get the message. With the advancement of technology, it is easy to champion these campaigns through online forums and mainstream media. Well, the latter may require lots of resources but goodwill from the media houses they can sponsor such campaigns.

In most case, the people who do the actual killing of the animals are usually not the key beneficiaries of this illicit trade. These individuals are usually hired by well-funded cartels and paid very little to kill the animals. They then harvest the tusks and smuggle them to various parts of the world. In most cases, the masterminds usually go scot-free when arrests are made. Governments should enact laws that categorize poach and the possession of animal trophies as a capital offense. This will deter many from engaging in this trade.

Embracing technology can make it easy for game wardens to patrol and offer sufficient security to wildlife. For example, drones can provide surveillance for big sanctuaries and game reserves. These devices require fewer people to operate and can detect intrusions to the parks faster than ground personnel. They also reduce operating costs of protecting wildlife.

Just like any job, protecting wildlife requires professionals who are better trained and equipped to handle any threat that might arise in the line of duty. This includes training rangers on advanced combat skills and giving them the right tools to do their job. For instance, they need vehicles to move from one part of the park to another. Moreover, in order to subdue poachers, they require better weapons that can match those of the criminals. This improves the morale of the rangers as opposed to instances where they are ill-equipped.

You can also get involved in conserving elephants by donating to organizations that run rescue centers for these animals. Companies can also embrace such initiatives and partner with these organizations by sponsoring their activities. This will ensure that there are sufficient resources to support wildlife conservation efforts. The net effect will be sustenance of the elephant population.

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