Being Helpful With The Wildcat Foundation

By Virginia Bailey

The most comprehensive falsehood of human society is that of equality. That everyone is equal is a demonstrable lie. In no society is everyone equal. No matter what happens, no matter how rigidly a government follows Marxist principles, there are always going to be those who find a way to elevate themselves. Now, this ability to elevate generally starts at school. However, schools themselves are not equal, and a good institution can greatly affect how far one goes in life. But there are entities who seek to bridge the gaps somewhat, entities like the Wildcat foundation.

The organization is a charitable institution. In fact, it is registered as such. Which means that any donations made to the organization can be deducted off of taxes.

And that help is their entire reason for existing. They are needed. Not every school is going to have the same level of funding. A school with more money is going to be able to educate its student better than one whose budget is in the red.

Now, the reason that such an organization is needed is simple. Because the ground on which students stand is uneven. This leads to those being born into privilege having better education and extracurricular activities than someone who was not born into similar circumstances. These circumstances will generally include the school itself, as some are better funded than others, which leads to the pupils at that particular institution being able to excel more than their counterparts at places with a little bit more struggle in their makeup.

Make no mistake about it, by helping the students, it helps the community at large. Students are the ones who are going to become the titans and the leaders of tomorrow. That does not happen if their education has gaps in it.

It offers help by using money. The fact of the matter is that cold, hard cash is what makes the world go round. It is going to be needed in order to acquire goods and services, which means that educational institutions will have a desperate need for it in order to best cater to their students.

There are a multitude of reason as to why people volunteer. Some people just want to look good, they want the perception of being decent, regardless of whether or not they actually are. They want everyone else to think that they have big hearts. Of course, there are those out there who legitimately do have big hearts and volunteer not because they want to seen as decent, but because they actually are decent.

Donations can and should be made. The aid that they offer would be much more difficult to render without them. Now, donations can be made in the name of someone else, or in the memory if someone who is deceased.

The thing about people is that they have wants and needs. They have dreams. But not everyone is going to get to live their dreams. Some will fail in their attempt to do so. Others will never get the chance at all. But there are some out there who are trying to create opportunities for everyone.

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