Breeding Exotic Cats Nebraska For Pets

By Raymond Roberts

When planning on adopting a large cat, it can often be difficult to know which breed is best for a pet. Those breeding exotic cats Nebraska often recommend a Bengal or Leopard kitten. For, while these felines will grow into large exotic cats, most make good pets.

Bengals are often popular because of tiger like size and appearance. While this is the case, there are many other reasons people desire to own this breed though most often it is because of their tender loving nature. At the same time, it is important to note that these cats need a great deal of space to roam, run and play.

For those whom can handle the high energy aspect, the social aspect, intelligence and independence are often hard to match in other breeds. Unlike others, Bengals often love to lounge, play and swim in ponds or pools. If playing in freshwater lakes or pools, many have also been known to catch and play with fish.

Due to other factors, the breed is not as plentiful as others and can not generally be found at animal shelters or pet stores. One reason this is the case is that Bengal breeders are few and far between. As such, finding a reputable breeder can often be difficult. Other reasons locating an exotic cat can be difficult is due to local and State laws with regards to owning these and other exotic pets.

Breeders are often the most common way individuals acquire these rare felines. For, some areas have local and State laws related to owning exotic animals including these felines as pets. It should also be noted that there are two types of Bengals, an early generation or late generation. In most cases, early generation kittens maintain more of the wild inborn nature than do those of the late generation. As such, most breeders only provide late generation kittens to be raised as pets.

Bengals and other exotic felines often have specific markings. By knowing these markings, it can often be easier to assure one is acquiring an actual full bred feline. In most cases, Bengal and Leopard kittens will have a spotted or tiger like marking mixed in with luscious background fur of a white, beige, cream or bluish color.

Before visiting a breeder, it is often good to read about the Bengal breed, coloring, markings and behavior. For, while it can be easy to purchase a kitten, it is often more difficult to return one. As such, it is important that potential owners consider these different aspects before placing a deposit, making a payment or taking delivery. For, while some breeders will provide insurance for a specified period of time, this is not always the case.

When considering obtaining a kitten from a breeder in Nebraska, it is important to know local requirements. First, is that a kitten must be thirteen weeks of age before adoption and delivery can take place. While not a state law, it is a condition set by the International Cat Association. During this time, the breeder is required to nourish the kitten on solid food, provide litter training, de-worm and vaccinate in order to prepare the kitten for delivery.

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