Five Things To Think About When Considering A Dog Fire Hydrant

By Margaret Smeltz

When you'd like to establish a space for your pet to use the bathroom a dog fire hydrant is a simple and fun solution. Although you will need to consider a couple of things before getting started. So here are 5 which are sure to help you get off on the right foot.

Where you place your hydrant is very important. That's because the location you add it to will become your pet's bathroom space. It should therefore be an area with good drainage since you don't want your dog peeing on a fire hydrant in an area that is likely to flood as this will be sure to cause a mess.

You'll need to pick the right size. This isn't hard to do, you'll basically just need to choose a height that isn't too small. If you are purchasing one for a pup you may want to think twice about buying a mini fire hydrant for dogs unless he will stay quite small. Instead go for something bigger which he can use as an adult as well.

There's actually more than one color. While red is definitely the color most people associate with hydrants and the most popular, there are other options too. Doggy hydrants are available in options such as yellow, green, and blue along with other a handful of other choices. If you want something to add a splash of color to your outdoor space picking one that's bright and bold is an easy solution.

There are a handful of materials that hydrants can be made out of. The most realistic and also heavy are those made from metal. However they do normally cost more than other material choices as well. Resin options typically offer realism but are much more lightweight. And when you're on a budget or just want something that looks similar, a plastic fire hydrant for dogs is a great choice.

You can have extra features if you want them. Some models do come with convenient storage space inside for example. This can be used for just about anything or dog-related supplies of course. A scented dog fire hydrant is another choice and it can really come in handy when training puppies. The scent will help make sure they recognize it as as a pee post naturally without any effort on your part. This also works for older pets too.

Adding a dog fire hydrant to your outdoor space can help let your dog know exactly where he should go to the potty. And now that you know what you should think about when choosing one you'll have no problem picking the right hydrant for both your pet and your yard.

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