For White Pomeranian California Is Worth Visiting

By Linda Fox

There is a wide range of dog breeds in the world today. The various breeds of dogs vary a lot in their personality, size, body coat, body color, health problems, and origin. Because of these differences, some breeds are more suited for people with a certain lifestyle than others. However, there are some breeds that tend to suit both the royal and commoners alike. Such a breed of a dog is the Pomeranian. When in search of a white Pomeranian California should be given priority.

Pomeranian breed typically has a small body size, existing only as toys. Their heads are wedge shaped and proportional to the rest of the body. They have a smooth and short muzzle. There is a tendency of the color of the coat of Pomeranians to influence the color of the muzzle. Their teeth are shaped and positioned in a way that can achieve a scissor bite. Pomeranians have small almond-shaped eyes.

Their ears, commonly pointing upwards are placed high on their heads. They have feathered tails that usually coil atop their back. The dogs have an inner and outer coat. The outer coat assists in identification of the breed is long and stands straight from the body.

On the other hand, the inner coat is think and soft. The inner coat shields and protects the dog against cold weather, but its downside is that it may cause overheating in hot seasons. The coat, which gives the hound a mane like appearance is relatively longer around the neck and the chest. A Pomeranian may look bigger than it really is, thanks to the long outer coat.

There are several different coat colors for buyers to choose from. Some of the commonest colors are red, orange, brown, black, white, cream, blue, black and tan, orange sable, wolf sable, brindle and parti-color. The most common parti-color is white with colored markings. All these coat colors are great and different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing.

Being active dogs is something these breeds are known for. They have a very strong desire to make their owners happy and to learn new tricks and skills. Also, to their handler, owner, and family, pomeranians are fiercely loyal. For individuals of varying ages, this breed is a wonderful companion dog. Their temper is slow and possesses a high affection level. With this, they are right and safe for small kids. Coexisting well with other breeds and pets is something they portray.

However, to ensure that Pomeranian coexist well with other dogs, it is important to expose them to enough socialization. Socialization should start at a tender age. Even in adulthood, it is important to provide enough socialization before introduce a strange person, dog, or other pet. Without proper socialization, they may exhibit some level of aggression toward the new stimuli.

The dogs are known to be highly susceptible to small dog syndrome. This should be discouraged even though this disposition does not appear to be an issue to most individuals. Pomeranians are supposed to be trained to behave appropriately towards people and other animals just the same way all other dogs should be trained. These dogs may not learn should there be lack of consistent correction of the small dog syndrome

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