Hints For Choosing A Good Corporate Narrator

By Joshua Lewis

There are many reasons as to why a business may want to create a commercial. This could either involve clearing their reputation, increasing their sales or even introducing a new product in the market. The corporate narrator chosen plays a role in the impact created by the advertisement. The following are guidelines for choosing a good professional.

The emotions you want to describe the brand should be considered. Whether it is excitement, contentment, relieve or even encouragement, you need someone who can bring them out in a perfect manner. Someone who is specialized in doing an advertisement for children products and events may not be the best to do adult adverts which require a lot of seriousness like buying and selling of shares. Make a list of the kind of emotions you expect to see.

Sometimes it is good to specify the gender you want to deal with. Some businesses deal with a specific gender, and this should be matched with their advertisements as well. It will be very odd to have a commercial for female items being done by a man. Most females will not relate to it, and it is likely to fail. If everyone can use your products, you can use any gender to advertise.

You also need to decide on the language and whether an accent is needed. If this is an international brand, you can choose the language that is used in most of the countries where your products are available. If it is targeting a certain geographical region, there is a need to look for someone who can speak their native language with their accent as well.

The type of video you want the professional to work on will also help you make a good choice. For instance, if it has more of presentation, you will look for someone who has specialized in making convincing and confident voice-overs for the same. If you want to make a storytelling video, then you need someone who can expressively tell it.

It is very important that the interested parties give you samples of their previous work. Their promises and word of mouth can not just convince you. You need to see what they have delivered for their previous clients and how they impacted the growth of that business. Go through the samples to know the people with the potential to make your brand great. Remember you want a long-lasting impact.

After the sampling, you will be in a position to shortlist a few individuals you feel are the best. You cannot make the final decision on your own. Involve your marketing team, your employees and even some members of the target group. Let the candidates do a sample for your work and have all these groups listen to them and make their remarks first.

The final thing will be to perfect things with the chosen artist. You must ensure he practices over and over again till you are satisfied with the final voice over. Point out areas that need to be improved on and focus on the opinions given by the group that listened to the samples. What you record should be good enough to make a long-term impression.

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