Police People Work For Society Based On Ethics

By Steven Richardson

Police are the people who nab the criminals and present them before courts. Those people are always on the lookout of criminals. Their duty is to keep the common people in safety. There shall be police stations at various places which accept complaints from people. People can approach them for raising various concerns regarding theft, burglary, physical assault etc. Eluding NJ police can lose ones driving licence from six months to two years.

Certain decisions taken by the government can also be fought in the court. There were many instances where court has given judgment against government orders. This has been a reason for rift between government and various tribunals. Government would not allocate proper funds to tribunals. Also promotions are not given to judges who give verdicts against governments.

Some governments do favour only to certain sections of the people or else give more favour to some sections of people. This is based on prior voting percentage, people supporting the party, people belonging to certain religions etc. In many government departments, only people belonging to certain political parties are given employment. These could be taken to court and debated.

Courts give proper justice. It is the moral obligation of benches that, no person should be convicted base on doubts. If a person is not satisfied with the verdict of one bench, can approach the higher court. Due to more number of cases pending in courts, it takes years to settle off one case. This makes ordinary people to keep away from court cases.

The judicial process is very tedious and time taking. As nobody can tell, when the case shall be called on a particular day, the whole day have to be wasted in court. Both the parties gets affected because of this. Also frequent follow ups will have to be conducted with the lawyers. This will lead to more expenses. Also famous lawyers would be required to be paid more.

Taking a case to bench brings in much stress and tension. If there is property related case with relatives, then all the parties must appear in the court for hearing. This will widen the gap between the relationships. Also all people would not be able to go for work on that day. Then money has to be spent on lawyer fees, food, transportation and related activities.

In developed countries there shall be many protective gears for the police engaged with traffic duties. But in developing nations, there may be less of those protective gears. Traffic policemen will have to stand in the hot sun for long hours breathing polluted air. As there could be less automation of signal lights in these countries, lots of officers will be engaged with full time duty on the road.

Due to costs and stress attached to various cases, many people prefer settling cases out of judicial premises. This happens more in property and road related cases. People who are quite aware that there is a possibility to lose the case, can go for outside court settlement. This saves much money and time for both parties.

Usually in motor accident cases, police will seize both parties vehicles, if the matter is going to bench. Therefore people prefer to sort it outside the judicial premise, so that both vehicles shall be released. Small accidents cases with regard to commercial vehicles, going to forums will lead to much loss of revenue for the vehicle. Usually damages will be settled in an amicable way.

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