Tips For Conducting A Puppy Potty Training Class

By Amanda Ellis

When you purchase a pup, you must understand that many responsibilities befall you. First of all, you must welcome the dog and make it feel comfortable in your home. Then, you must start taming it immediately. This will help the pet learn quickly and start obeying. A Puppy potty training class that is effective requires one to be patient. Dogs are loyal and very eager animals. They usually become very obedient when they trust their masters. Thus, effective training will help these pets become obedient.

Nevertheless, you cannot train the pup without understanding it. Learn about its behavior associated with that particular breed so that it becomes easier to tame them. Research about the unique traits of that breed or any particular behavior that you should know before you start taming your pup. Some breeds have small bladders thus they will need to urinate more often. These are some of the things that you should find out.

When you start to train your pup on where to pee and poop, make sure you watch it. Be very keen and notice how it behaves when it is about to urinate or defecate. Some pups usually start sniffing, circling and barking whenever they want to pee. Recognize these sudden changes in their behaviors and assist the puppies by taking them outside and giving them specific commands.

Select a specific zone outside for the dog to urinate or defecate. Take the pup there every time it needs to poop or pee. The spot you pick should be secluded and easy to clean. This will help your dog to remember the smell of urine. With time, it will start associating the area with its toilet.

More so, select a specific command for your pup whenever you want it to defecate or urinate. This will help the dog to relate the command with what it is expected to do. Make sure you consistently use that particular command at any time you want it to defecate.

It is paramount to make sure that you reward and praise the dog after it has used the peeing area appropriately. Pets love being appreciated and rewarded. Thus, make it a norm to reward it after it uses the area well. Use a sweet and cheerful voice when praising the pet to make it feel good.

In case of accidents inside the house, it is essential to clean them right away. Clean that area as thoroughly as possible. This will get rid of the smell. Since dogs tend to remember the smell of urine, failure to clean appropriately will make it go to that place again and again. This can then become a habit that will be very difficult to break.

You must always be ready and willing to tame your pup because it is for your own good. If you fail to potty-train it in time, it will make your home stink as it will be defecating inside the house. Thus, take time to train the pet and use clear and specific commands at all times.

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