Working At A Dog Wash Columbia MO

By George Butler

As an animal lover, you might want to work in some capacity that allows you to maximize on your fondness for dogs. You would rather avoid working around people and instead prefer to handle dogs in some sort of way while earning money. The ideal position could involve becoming a professional groomer or shampooer. Before you go and apply for a job at a dog wash Columbia MO applicants like you can better your chances of being hired by knowing what will be expected of you.

The first requirement may involve being comfortable around dogs of all sizes and breeds. When dogs are around strangers, they can act differently and in ways they never would with their owners. They might be prone to growling and snarling at people or even trying to bite groomers and others. It can be critical that you are not afraid of such possibilities, however.

The demeanor you take on as a groomer could influence how canines respond to you. If you act afraid, they will respond by jumping and growling at you. However, if you are calm yet assertive, they might settle down faster and let you get on the job at hand, which is shampooing and grooming them.

As much as you might like to spend a lot of time with each one, playing and pampering it, the focus during the shift will revolve around working on as many dogs as possible. The business wants to make a profit, which can only be possible if it shampoos and grooms numerous dogs each day. It will not make any money by only taking in three or four dogs during a single shift.

When it comes to training for the job, you more than likely will go through it on the job. One of the employees will probably act as your trainer and teach you everything you need to know. Within a week if not sooner, you might be ready to work with dogs on your own without any kind of supervision or formal instruction.

The equipment and supplies are relatively self-explanatory for using them. You more than likely will not use human shampoo on the dogs but rather a shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for canines. It may contain ingredients like oatmeal and aloe vera in it to calm and soothe the dogs' skin. It also may untangle mats and snarls in the fur.

Many of these grooming establishments have kennels that serve as blow dryers for canines. After you shampoo one, you will put it in one of these cages where it will be blow dried and warmed. You typically only leave the dogs in there for a few minutes to avoid them becoming overheated and sick.

Working at a dog wash might be your perfect dream job. Before you go and apply for it, however, you could wonder what the requirements are and what will be expected of you as an employee. The primary focus will be on providing good care without spending a huge amount of time on individual clients. The focus will be on quick turnover to maximize the profits of the business. You could handle dozens of dogs in a single day.

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