A Guide To Buying Australian Labradoodles

By Frank Walker

If you need a dog companion to spend your evening with, then you must be ready to take care of it in every way. As much as these animals are adorable, their well-being is paramount. If you wish to own one, you must, first of all, know the breed you want. Several breeds are available in local breeders as well as the AKC ring shows. Hence, before you go on to pay a pup, you should identify the perfect breed for you. Australian Labradoodles are among the best breeds that you can include in your list. Nevertheless, each breeding facility has its own buying steps that you must follow.

Different facilities have their purchasing procedure. Nonetheless, every buyer must know what he/she wants. Hence, the initial step is identifying the breed of your choice. There is a lot on information on the web regarding the different breeds. Also, you can visit AKC local ring shows to check the breeds that are available to see if you can find the one that suits you.

The next thing is to contact the breeder that you have identified. In case you do not know any local breeder, storm the internet and look for one. Contact them to inquire if they have the breed that you want. Most breeders prefer emails because they may not always have their phones with them while tending to the dogs. Thus, communication by email is preferable so that they can get back to you as soon as possible.

When sending your email to a potential breeder, ensure that you include all the details regarding the kind of puppy you want. For instance, ensure that you mention the color, coat, size, temperament, and gender among others. Then, you are required to pay a reservation/consultation fee that is usually non-refundable. This fee is normally payable by check only.

However, you are advised to visit the facility physically. Thus, ensure that you have taken the time to go to the facility and check whether you are willing to invest in is worth it. Pay the consultation fee only if you are impressed with the facility. If not, look for a better breeder.

Once the facility approves your request, you will receive an email informing you that you are on the waiting list for reserved puppies. An excellent facility usually reviews the person who wants to buy the puppy to see if he/she qualifies to own a dog.

Once the puppies are born, you will receive an email informing you of the same. You cannot, however, be allowed to visit the pups until they have reached six weeks, the time when they receive their first immunizations. This is because these pups are vulnerable to infections hence you can only visit them after they are inoculated.

After 8-9 weeks, you are now allowed to pick up your puppy. You must thus complete your final payment. You must then sign a contract with the breeder. This contract indicates that you will bring your puppy back to the facility to be spayed or neutered after 7 months.

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