Choose Registered Old English Sheepdog Breeders

By Margaret Hughes

Old English Sheepdogs are traditional canine breeds that have become popular as pets. These old lines are characterized by the long hair that often covers the eyes of these dogs in coat colors of gray, gray-blue and white. Old English Sheepdog breeders must be registered and well-recognized ensuring you are provided a happy and healthy puppy that is vaccinated, registered and purely bred.

The English Sheepdog with its characteristic coat and many TV appearances was initially bred in West England to manage sheep populations, able to withstand the cold and intelligent enough to train. Such canines are herding dogs and require the appropriate exercise and training to remain good with children. Sheepdogs are exceptional pets when provided the correct structure and training.

Old English Sheepdogs have the sole responsibility of working on farms and herding sheep and will need the care and attention from their families to manage. If you wish to be the owner of a purebred puppy, it is important to find a reliable and a reputable breeder to assist in producing the relevant standards of certification. A registered breeder will deliver the healthiest bloodlines and provide puppies that are healthy and pedigreed.

A licensed and reliable seller must be recognized by the major kennel clubs to ensure you are receiving puppies that are healthy and have received the appropriate standards of care. The AKC is a major kennel club responsible for the registration of the breed and the means of facilitating canine wellness. Choosing the appropriate breeder must include thorough research to ensure the healthiest pups are produced.

Reliable breeders are recognized by their registration number affiliated with the canine association and every pup will receive a registration number. It is important to consult with your breeder when puppies are sold to determine whether you have to sign an exclusive pet contract or whether the pup will be eligible for breeding later on. An Old English Sheepdog breeder can advise on specific limitations in the sale of their litters.

Purchasing a puppy from an authentic seller includes a heritage certificate or registration document. This piece of paper will outline the bloodline and provide an indication of each puppy's history from their parents to great grand dams and sires. While sellers who do not provide such documents may possess purebred dogs, the only way to know you are purchasing a purebred pup is with proof.

Each puppy must receive registration but also have undergone assessment performed by a certified veterinarian. These canines possess a long, thick coat and should be clean, well-groomed and have updated vet assessments, vaccinations and treatment from the age of 6 weeks. Every health certificate should provide proof of the care measures each pup has received from a qualified vet.

Old English Sheepdogs are naturally herding dogs and must receive the correct training and exercise to make good pets. Such canines have received much interest from families as pets because they are intelligent, dependable and have a beautiful, unique appearance. Contact a certified and experienced breeder of Old English Sheepdogs to ensure the best quality pups are selected.

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