Essential Facts About North Carolina Ragdoll Kittens

By Roger Carter

One obvious fact is that provision of proper healthcare prolongs the lifespan of pets. In the world of felines, among the great names that have huge responsibilities attached to them is ragdoll. The name of this feline fits its cuteness. Many people adore this breed, but in real sense, a small number of people understand the proper way of caring for them. This is what North Carolina ragdoll kittens are all about.

To begin with, prior to acquiring a ragdoll kitten, there are a number of preparations that one must undertake in their homes. Ragdoll kittens just like any other cat are all the same, mischievous and curious. This necessitates prospective cat owners to make their residences kitten poof beforehand. This entails keeping away or tying plants, electrical cords and blind cords, which are some of the items that attract kittens.

It is a standard recommended practice that when a person gets a kitten in a home with other pets for the first time it must be kept in a separate room for about two weeks. This practice is essential especially if there is another cat in the home already. The purpose of doing this is to ensure that it acquires the smell of the home before it is introduced to other pets.

Letting the kitten acquire the smell of the home makes it easier for other pets in the house to accept the new one. After this, proper introduction with other pets in the home should be done. A litter box is one item that one must not forget. A bigger litter box is required for ragdoll kittens considering their huge sizes. However, the breeder litter box should be kept for about two weeks then a new one introduced if necessary.

Ragdolls have special caregiving requirements because they are a distinct breed. Giving them the required care is a way of making sure that they develop into healthy and happy felines. It is recommended that when feeding, individuals should maintain the food type the breeder was feeding them prior to the gradual shift to new food.

Water bowls ought to be accessible to the kitten at all times. A sturdy and deep bowl should be used so that it cannot be tipped by the playful kitten. Based on the kitten tastes and preferences, some toys should be made available for play. Regarding the preference of the kitten in terms of play, the breeder can be useful with providing some useful information.

Experts advise that one should not get a kitten if they do not have the time to provide the attention that they require. Ragdolls are known for their affection for humans which places them at the top of attention seekers. They are known to become upset if they do not get the attention they crave. They show their frustration by becoming destructive. To avoid this one must groom, pet, and play with them.

To finalize, grooming of cats is among the best ways of one offering them care. On a weekly basis, one has to groom the beautiful and long ragdoll furs. In addition to aiding with shedding, it helps in avoidance of fur balls. In spite of cats being clean in nature, they also require help.

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