Finding Where To Volunteer In Eastside Detroit

By Marie Patterson

Human beings are social animals. This means that the live in communities with at least a few other members of their own species. Given that, the settlements that they live in cease to be simple settlements. They form bonds with each other, and instead of being settlements, they become communities. But not everyone in the community will have the same level of comfort. But there are people that want to level the playing field to some degree. Which is why they will go out about finding where to volunteer in Eastside Detroit.

Volunteering is when a person takes their time, their limited, and valuable time, and then puts it into work. However, instead of being paid with money, they do it for free. This is when people use their time and effort in order to do something to better the communities in which they live.

Make no mistake about, with seven billion people in the world, at least ten of them have to be legitimately good and virtuous and kind. This means that when they volunteer, they do it literally out of the kindness of their hearts. Not because they want to look good, but because they are.

But there are also those who commit a crime. Not a big crime. But enough to garner some level of punitive action. Not the kind that would result in incarceration, but still the kind of thing that should be punished. Which means that they can be sentenced into volunteerism in lieu of a jail sentence.

All that needs to be done to find opportunities to volunteer is to check the internet. NGOs will generally have social media pages. The hard part will be in finding the time to do so.

One such way to do it is to give a voice to those that do not have one. Studies have shown that animals, at least dogs, are sentient. Animal shelters are packed to the brim with them sometimes. They need people to come in and help them out.

The environment is also something that can be helped with. A community should be beautiful. But some of them are littered with garbage and debris. Picking some this up, while unable to reverse the effects of climate change, can have a transformative effect on the people.

Speaking of people, they also need help. Soup kitchens, food banks, and homeless shelters all take quite a bit of manpower to keep them running. Which means that they will generally have a need to volunteers to come in and help. So maybe spending a little time giving those unfortunate individuals a hand can make their day. It may not change their lives, but giving them a warm meal and a comfortable place to sleep for a night, and maybe a shower and a change of clothes, can go a long way towards making them feel like a real human being again.

Fairness and equality are not the way of the world. The truth is, they never have been. But just because they never have been, does not mean they never will be.

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