How To Get Work As A Southern Accents Voice Artist

By Patricia Cooper

Every day, thousands of people dream of becoming an actor. Whether it be on the stage, in television, box office cinema, or local commercial ads, there are many different avenues one can take to make it a reality. Aspiring actors could use their vocal talents to make their mark by specializing in different genres such as announcing, animation, and specialized niche such as becoming a southern accents voice artist.

Getting work as a vocal actor is not exactly simple. It requires auditions and training, just like when doing visual performances. This is where hiring a coach could be very beneficial to one's career so far as learning what's necessary to improve upon existing talents and to catch the ear of the casting director.

Control is one thing that is extremely important regardless of how one intends to perform. Physical actors, singers, and vocal talents, all need to be able to command their range. Finding the proper coach can definitely help diagnose those basic issues with how sound is being produced, and provide assistance and techniques to improve upon them to become the best possible.

A proper coach can show an actor how to become more flexible and loose, in an effort to increase range and take on different tones and octaves. They also have the ability to add color to a person's specific sound. For example, if someone is so comfortable in a particular style that they do nothing else, simply by adding emotions and inflections, they can make their vocals more attractive and appealing to the casting team.

Poor pitch and limited range signifies that a person is having problems grasping some of the basic fundamentals. Through good coaching one can gather the necessary tools to address those issues and gain the confidence to experiment with new things. Coaches understand how to increase breath control and build a body strength in order to strengthen vocals without having any negative effects on their personality.

Among the techniques that most coaches like to focus upon are reducing vocal strain, and improving control and range. They will also teach how to improve harmony, tone, timing, diction, enunciation, vowel pronunciation, and accent. Working on these factors and seeing the positive changes in themselves, gives an actor the confidence to go out and pursue their dreams more actively.

Actors should consider that their vocal chords are their unique instruments, and that learning proper techniques and ways to perfect the use of said instrument can only make the talent more valuable. Coaches and teachers are there to concentrate on matters such as performance enhancement, and vocal health. Having a dialect instructor can help those who wish to branch out and cover roles that require one to speak with a particular accent.

As with most acting performances, there are challenges to obtaining jobs in the vocal field. That alone should be motivation enough to take advantage of any opportunity to perfect one's talent and benefit their future. The right coach can definitely be an advantage when auditioning.

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