How To Put Your Furry Friend At Ease For Pet Sitting Bonsall CA

By Michael Hughes

Pets are amazing friends. Even so, they do not make the best travel companions and you may be forced to leave your pooch behind as you go on your business or holiday trip. While you are away from your canine, you need to find a proficient pet sitter. This would give you precious peace of mind until you return. A compassionate and reliable expert will ensure that your furry friend is happy, safe and healthy. As you search for dependable pet sitting Bonsall CA would be a perfect area to start your inquiries.

Finding an outstanding specialist does not mean that your doggy will be at ease. It is important for you to ensure that it would not suffer from separation anxiety. For this to happen, begin limiting the amount of time you spend with the pet. You need it to understand that it will be okay, even if you do not spend the whole day cuddling.

You will also want to go slow when introducing your pooch to the pet sitter. Meet the specialist at least a week before your travels and do not force the interactions. A competent expert will reassure your pet using physical contact and words. Allow the connection to build over several visits before you ultimately leave for your travels.

Another superb thing to do is to allow your sitter to use treats. This is a brilliant way of further nurturing the connection between a specialist and your furry friend. The treats can be used as incentives and this is bound to make your dog to respond positively even to basic commands. Then again, this will also ease separation anxiety because the pet will see a familiar and loving face around.

Another important thing to do is to take your furry friend for walks in the company of your pet sitter. You can take the leash when the journey begins and then allow the professional to take over after you have walked for a few minutes. Take note of the response of your dog, though you must not react. Remaining calm will again communicate to the pooch that you trust the specialist to take good care of it.

One should not underestimate the significance of doing a test run. Before you are separated, arranging several pet sitting meetings can help significantly to get your pet to know its new sitter better. This should ease the tension and also you will not feel guilty about leaving your furry friend in the hands of a complete stranger.

It is not always easy to find an ideal specialist to deliver in-home care for a pet. You owe it to yourself to do a keen research and find a professional you can trust entirely. For you to enjoy your trip, you need complete assurance that you have found an affectionate and reliable pet sitter.

One of the easiest ways of finding a dependable professional is by seeking recommendations. Someone without your circles who has sought pet sitting services in the past could have a reliable referral to offer. You can also decide to base your investigations online and search for professionals with proven track records.

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