Is Having A Dog Really Worth It To Your Life?

By David Reynolds

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to have a pet that is good enough to be your best friend? Dogs can provide you that for their loyalty is incomparable. Almost everyone adores dogs especially puppies. You cannot just ignore them. Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Sheppard and many more are so hard not to resist whenever they nuzzle on you. But those creatures can also be stubborn. That is why a proper Dog Training GA is needed for them.

A common saying states that you cannot teach an old dog with new tricks. However, that saying is only somewhat applicable to the habit of a person. For older dogs, they may have a tendency to be tougher and stubborn to train and because of that, some people prefer to raise dogs in its puppy stage. But then, even those creatures are adult, they still are capable of learning something new.

Those creatures have many purposes and advantages in a life of a person that for sure you probably do not know. Anyway, a study shows that when you have a canine as a companion, it can decrease your cholesterol and lower the level of your blood pressure. So without knowing, you already gain health benefits from just being a dog owner.

Another thing is dogs can make you active and fit. You just simply walk your dog outside while leashing them and accompany them. You know walking can be a good exercise. And if you make this a regular thing on walking your dog, it can make you active. Or perhaps, it also can help to lose your weight.

Petting those dogs can also diminish the level of your stress. So when your mood is somehow lonely, you can try playing with your pet. They can serve as a good guard of your property also. So when a burglar comes inside, the animal will threaten that burglar with its mighty and intimidating barks.

And speaking of bites, you still need to be careful on raising and handling those types of animals. Injecting them with a vaccine is really mandatory so that rabies will be extracted. Sometimes they bite you and mistook it as a way of playing with you. If the bitten area bleeds, then you need to be hospitalized.

Training your pets can be tiring and it takes patience and endurance to train them. Remember that their logic is not the same as humans, so comprehending your commands may take longer for them. Do you remember or perhaps familiar with the theory of classical conditioning by Ivan Pavlov? He used a dog for his experiment wherein salivation can trigger with a sound of a bell.

You may accompany your training with rewards and also punishments. Every time your pet get the right instructions, you can give them a reward like feeding them with foods or snacks. If they got the incorrect one, punishment will be done like not feeding them.

Having a pet is really fun. Whenever you are lonely they will give you comfort. They may just be an animal but they can surely move your heart.

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