Role Of Dogs In Our Lives

By Deborah Fox

Animals are the next important species after human beings. These are mainly classified as wild and domestic. The former is found in jungles and the later in houses. The second category of creatures stays along with us. Especially, in Western countries, we see a lot of affinity to canines. Hence we have Cavapoo dogs in our houses.

Man, being a social being tries to make maximum utilization of resources around him. He also dives deep down into the oceans to kill sharks and whales. There is no place on earth, that is spared to satisfy his hunger for wealth and greed. A lot of oysters are killed for the sake of pearls. We might also have heard of many aquatic animals dying due to pollution of water bodies.

Hence safety of these beings is of prime importance. Most of us might be thinking that the threat is only for jungle animals. But it is not so. In times of festivals and feasts of a certain section of people, few animals have been killed. A lot of self funded teams have come up for their protection.

Wool, we get from sheep. Meat is derived from a hen, beef from buffaloes, pork from pig and so on. Though few humanitarian organizations are against this, still the selfish people are after this business. Apart, from this, we also come across animals used for domestic purposes. Agriculture is one such area where we use a lot of domestic animals.

In most of the homes, family members may be busy with their chores, but a puppy comes and jumps as soon as you reach home. The sense that it matters to someone that we come home is a very relieving thing. It, on a few occasions brings back the things that we tend to forget where we have kept.

At times, they break down and go to depression. To avoid this they choose entertainment. But, this also gets bored as there is no life in it. However, you need a friend or relative to accompany you.

Animals, which live in the jungle though dangerous are not spared by the human being race. These are hunted for their products. To name a few, elephants for tusks, tigers for their skin and teeth. The number of animals in the forests is decreasing day by day.

In addition to moving around us in the house, it plays the role of a security guard. Sound sleep is almost assured to any hound owner as thieves first of all dare not enter houses with canines. Even if they enter by chance, they will be caught for sure. Not only that, but the doggy is the most comfortable animal which can be carried around.

It can be walking or travelling, it is very easy to take doggies with us. Apart from this, we can also count on other instances where it can be useful. We may know or come across in many movies about the intelligent and brilliance in cracking crimes. Police hounds are famous for catching thieves by smelling around the area of crime. In fact, these hounds undergo a rigorous training in finding the thieves and murderers.

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