Things You Should Know Before Learning How To Use Alcohol Ink

By Daniel Allen

Man has a a distinct urge to always create and be artistic. Everyone, maybe even you at this point, want to express your creative urges by learning how to use alcohol ink, and that is why you are on this article right now. But before you do go out and buy some, perhaps it is best that you know a little more about this medium first.

This kind of medium is one that is dye based. Being dye based, whatever colorant gives it the pigment it exudes, is already fully dissolved in the liquid suspension. This means that it does not need to be shaken to get it ready, and can be used out of the bottle right away. This is of course in exception to the inks which have metallic and pearl particles.

As it does use alcohol this is one medium that will dry up very quickly compared to other art coloring mediums. In fact depending on the surface that you use, and also on the thickness of the color of whatever you choose, it will dry withing a very few seconds to almost just under a minute.

These inks basically work best on non porous surfaces, as you can get the most effect from it. They are usually not used on porous surfaces such as paper or wood, but sturdier and thicker surfaces like ceramic, glass and plastic. In essence it needs to be able to glide across the surface and not seep into it.

These inks come in three groups of colors, being light colored paste ones, regular jewel or standard colors and also earthy dark color tones. Light colored inks will tend to spread out more when used due to the higher alcohol content and darker colors tend to clump up more due to it having less. In essence because of this higher content of alcohol, the lighter colors will tend to dry up faster. T

If you are just beginning to dabble with this kind of medium, it is best that you just buy any of several starter packs that are out in the market. Starter packs come in one half ounce sized bottles with a few colors. Do not buy four ounce bottle packs as the one half ounce ones last for quite a while. Also you can extend your color range more by buying darker colors and diluting with alcohol to get other lighter shades.

As you start out with this kind of medium you will start to notice that this is a kind of ink that does not mix well, and in fact will push each other away with a distinct border between each color. The effect is something that is akin to a stained glass piece of artwork. Thus if you are going to make a design, take into account the characteristics of this medium.

Once dry the artwork you create will be waterproof and resilient. However if it does come into contact with alcohol again, the pattern will run and ruin your original image. Thus once finished keep it away from alcohol based liquids.

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