Tips For Choosing A Doggy Daycare Boulder CO

By Kathleen Bailey

Doggy daycare facilities are helpful for pet owners who work the entire day or have other commitments that make it difficult for them to provide their pets with the physical and mental stimulation they need. You can also take your pet to such a facility when you are hosting a large family party or renovating your house. By taking their dogs to a doggy daycare Boulder CO residents will be sure that their pets will get the care and attention they need when they are away.

The pick up and drop off hours of most doggy daycares are flexible. Pet owners can take their dogs to such a facility every day or even once or twice each week. When staying in these facilities, dogs are safe and have fun. They have an opportunity to exercise and socialize. The staff members of the daycares supervise them. Therefore, dog owners should not be afraid of anything bad happening to their dogs.

It is not easy to find a good doggy daycare. Boulder, CO residents should therefore consider a number of things in order to find a facility that meets their needs and those of their pets. They should visit different daycares and consider various things prior to selecting a particular facility.

Considering whether a daycare prioritizes on the well being of dogs is important. Good daycares take certain precautions to keep dogs from contracting infectious diseases like influenza, giardia and kennel cough. Pet owners are usually required to provide the management of such facilities with proof of vaccination before their dog is admitted. Dog owners should therefore inquire if the facility they want to take their pet to asks for evidence of vaccination.

The other thing to consider is whether there is proper supervision at the facility. When many dogs are staying at the same place, they should be well supervised. Good daycares have one or more staff members on duty at the play areas to intervene when necessary. For instance, if the dogs start to fight, the staff will break up the fight. It is also important to ask if a doggy daycare has a veterinarian who can visit the facility on short notice.

Another important thing to consider is the availability of safety features at the facilities. Good daycares are not only safe, but also secure and comfortable. They have tall fences to keep dogs from climbing or jumping over them. Such facilities also separate larger dogs from the smaller ones.

A good facility will also have water available at all times. The outside spaces also have shaded areas that can keep dogs cool on hot days. Indoor spaces should have air conditioning or fans running to keep the pets cool when the weather is warm. They should be heated adequately when weather is cold. A good facility will also be clean and have minimal odor.

It is also crucial for dog owners to consider the activities that dogs engage in. Good daycares offer enrichment activities that differ every month or every week. This helps alleviate boredom in dogs. Dog owners should consider whether the daycares they visit have pools, play equipment such as balls and other safe toys that can keep dogs entertained. Pet owners should select a facility that has the aforementioned characteristics.

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