To Avoid Fake News USA Patriots Must Recognize It

By George Brooks

Journalism has died in America. That is the part of the fourth estate that is supposed to report on political issues and politicians. They have given up on the idea of objectivity and fairness. They have no use for facts in most cases and, because of that, they are known as propagandists. The best way to avoid fake news USA media delivers is to understand what it is, first.

Recognizing the reporting that does not even pretend to be fair can be seen by looking at the reporting of the current President of the United States. Since he was constitutionally elected in Nov. 2016, he has been the subject of the worst reporting of any recent president except for President Obama. The different treatment for each is telling, though.

Since the day he announced he was running for the highest office in the land, it has been reported that he is the worst person of all people. If he was, indeed, a racist, it would certainly be bad news. It would not, however, be a fake story as it is based on objective reporting. Since he is not, any reporting that he is is simply fake and usually based on anonymous sources.

You will find that most media outlets have suggested that all foreign leaders believe the president is a joke and to not trust him. Since there are actual reports from many of those same leaders that they do respect him, this obviously is hate for this newcomer who does not share the medias same worldview. The avoidance of this type of reporting is dependant on knowing how it comes to be and what it sounds like.

The act of killing itself as real journalism took place between 2008 and 2009 with the fake news about President Obama. There was nothing that he said or did that was wrong. There was no foreign policy he proffered that drew the ire of the media regardless of the dangers they brought. This fake reporting was based on the love the media and pundits had for this president. Since they do not like President Trump, several years later, nothing he did or does is right.

Any news that comes out that is based on the person, not the plans or policies he is presenting is probably false. Any report that is based on information from anonymous sources will also be on the problematic side. In other words, things that can not be proved, or have as a component, common sense, will, most likely, be fake information published simply to change the way people look at this person.

A well known conservative talk show host coined the phrase drive by media to indicate their type of operation. Just like a drive by shooting, this type of media simply shotguns stuff out there and hope it hits who they are aiming at. It is dangerous and not at all redeeming or objective. It is meant to destroy.

Being a well rounded person, you need to only read information that provides the knowledge you must have in order to understand the political world in which we live. If you can not accomplish this with something you read, it is probably the fake kind of news that is not helpful in helping you understand the issues. Giving the drive by media exposure for making things up is not the right thing to do.

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