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By Sharon Burns

The co-existence between animals and human beings has been there for a long period. Animals have always been shown compassion by human beings in various ways. One of the ways this has been shown is through establishment of the first veterinary college back in 1762 in Lyon, France. People committed themselves to reducing suffering in animals even before that. For example, there are evidences to prove how human beings have tried to stop the devastation caused by cattle plague to animals. Here are facts regarding Columbia SC Veterinarian.

The need to find remedy for diseases and conditions specific to animals has been the motivation behind people enrolling for courses in veterinary colleges. Professionals who practice veterinary medicine by diagnosing, treating, or preventing disorders, injuries, and disease in animals are known as veterinary physician, veterinary surgeon or simply veterinarian. This term is usually shortened to vet.

The word veterinarian is a protected and regulated nomenclature in many nations. Thus, one has no right to the title unless they are licensed or with the necessary qualifications. Countries like that restrict the activities of vets strictly to licensed and registered professionals. For instance, only a registered vet can perform animal treatment in UK. However, para-veterinary professionals are exempted.

Still on etymology, those who prescribe treatment for animals or refer to themselves as veterinarians without proper qualifications are considered to be breaking the law. Those who do this usually end up on the wrong side of the law and are charged with fraud. The presence of swindlers in this field has made it important to ensure that one only deals with registered vets.

A majority of vets work in clinical settings. This means that they treat animals directly in their own practices. There are vets who engage in general practice meaning that they handle all types of animals. On the other hand, there are those who specialize in a particular category of animals. The categories include equines or zoo animals, livestock or companion animals.

Apart from specialization according to animal groups, professionals have a choice of taking a specialty in a specific field of veterinary medicine. Ethical issues and decisions that face practitioners in human medicine also face veterinarians when they are dealing with animals. At the moment, questions are being raised about certain procedures including ear chopping, debarking, tail docking, and declawing.

There are several differences between human healthcare providers and veterinary physicians. To start with, clinical signs guide vets because animals cannot express their signs and symptoms like human beings. Luckily, owners of the animals can give the medical records of the animal in some cases. The veterinarian then combines the data with the symptoms that have been exhibited to make a diagnosis and treat the animal.

To finalize, much of the work of vets is about providing prophylactic treatment as a way of preventing problems from occurring. Some of the interventions they provide include administering common vaccines against dental prophylaxis and rabies. Part of their job includes educating pet owners on the best ways of avoiding future behavioral or medical issues.

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