Custody Attorney Orange County NC

By Janet Powell

Children's issues need to be dealt with soberly. This is because children are not old enough to make informed decisions. They may not even know what is good for them. For instance, if parents split up, children are usually left in a dilemma. This is because they love both parents, but can only stay with one parent to continue with their studies. When parents get a divorce, therefore, custody may have to be determined by the courts. In such a case, each parent will need to hire the best custody attorney Orange County NC has to offer.

The court can either grant full or shared custody to the applicants. The sitting judge is the one to decide who will get what after listening to the evidence provided by all the parties involved. In case of a shared custodial arrangement, one of the parents may spend time with the kids on schooldays while the other parent spends time with them on weekends. This is usually the best arrangement.

At times, the court may decide to grant one parent sole custody. The other parent may or may not get visitation rights. It all depends on what the judge decides. If they think that the parent is a bad influence on the child, no visitation rights may be granted. In some rare cases, the court may decide to grant custodial rights to relatives, mainly grandparents.

Before granting custodial rights to any of the applicants, the court will consider a myriad of factors. Top on the list is the best interests of the child. This is followed by suitability of each of the applicants to raise the child in a healthy environment. Income is never considered because the other party can always cater for the financial needs of their child or children.

Whether you need partial or sole custodial rights, it is important you look for the most competent lawyer you can find to represent you. The top-rated lawyers in the county can help you get a favorable outcome, so be sure to compare their weaknesses and strengths before making a decision.

The amount of experience that a lawyer has needs to be checked. This is because you are looking for the most competent lawyer to handle your case. Experienced attorneys know the best arguments to use to get a favorable outcome for their clients. They also know what the court expects, so they are in a much better position to help them get the desired outcomes.

Be sure to do a comparison of the success rates of different lawyers before you pick any one of them. This is because you are looking for a lawyer with the highest success rate with child custody cases to boost the probability of getting a positive outcome. For this reason, you need to check the total number of similar cases a lawyer has handled and compare that to the total number of cases won by an attorney. Lawyers with a success rate of least 80% should be given priority consideration.

Obviously, you have limited financial resources. Therefore, you cannot hire just any lawyer you find. You have to request quotes and do a comparison to identify the most affordable legal services provider. This will not only help you to save some money, but also ensure that you can afford your legal fees no matter the duration of the case. Fortunately, there are many lawyers who normally charge competitive rates.

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