Durham NC Custody Attorney Shares Tips To Better Your Chances Of Winning A Case

By Andrew Nelson

Divorce is a challenging process and one of the most complex decisions you would have to make are those that revolve around child custody. Most parents hate the idea of being far from their kids and they will therefore fight for full custody. The courts even so need to ensure that such a decision is made only if it can work in the best interests of the involved children. For you to have better chances of winning a case, you need to seek the expertise of a top rated Durham NC Custody attorney.

There are certain steps that you could take to ensure that you have maximum chances of enjoying the custody of your child. Even though these steps would not always guarantee becoming a primary custodian, you may at least get to become a joint custodian with your ex. The whole idea is for you to convince the courts that you have what it takes to provide a safe space for your kids and a comfortable roof over their heads.

That said, you should move into a spacious, secure and clean apartment. This will be an important thing to do, especially if you move out once the divorce process begins. You want to carefully choose a serene neighborhood and also ascertain that it will not be necessary for your kids to change schools or routines.

Additionally, you ought to make certain that your working routines are kid-friendly. Irrespective of your levels of financial stability, you will not be granted the custody of your children if your schedules do not allow you to spend time with them. At the very least, you want to be with your kids, especially during the evening hours.

Being able to provide a stable environment for your kids would also be a plus point. This includes having regular employment and generally being financially able. That said, you want to pay your rent on time and show the courts that you are able to provide the best living conditions for your little ones and they can developmentally grow under your wing.

After divorce and even during the course of your proceedings, you may want to refrain from moving in with your new girlfriend or boyfriend. Making such moves too soon would disqualify you as someone who can provide a stable life for your children. The need to take your time before getting back the dating scene must not be underestimated.

It pays to be patient before diving into the dating scene. Doing this will make statements about your commitment to your children. If you can be seen as a parent who makes his or her kids a priority, then chances are that the outcome of your case will be worth bragging about.

Finally, you will need to hire a child custody attorney. The professional will help you make the right decisions and generally ensure that your actions do not jeopardize your chances of enjoying a suitable outcome. Additionally, a seasoned lawyer can serve as an emotional buffer and negotiate on your behalf when holding stressful conversations.

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