Factors To Consider When Choosing An English Bulldog Puppy For Sale

By Henry Murphy

If you are eager to add a new member to your family, you must get the ideal pet that is loyal and good-natured. The reason you need to be careful is that some pets like pups might be prone to many kinds of diseases. Do not be among the people who buy pups because of their looks and have no clue they need a lot of care to stay healthy. The following is a guide on how to choose an English bulldog puppy for sale.

The first step is checking the body type of the bulldog. These animals come in various shapes and bodies. Some appear to be low on the ground because they have short legs while others thinner legs. You will find some with bigger heads than others too. The choice will all depend on your taste and preference. Research about these pups first before you go to a breeder.

The next pointer is on age. No matter how desperate you are to have a pooch, never choose one that is less than 8 weeks and more than 16 weeks. The reason being when the pooch is young, it depends on the mother a lot. The more time they spend with the parents and other puppies, the more they learn new things. However, avoid those that are over four months because it is a bad time to begin training.

The other step is checking the health. The health of the dog is paramount. Evaluate the body and check the head and stomach. You can check if the nose is dry, the teeth and if the eyes are clear. Eyes show signs of diseases so observe keenly. Feel the stomach too and if it is swollen, it is an indicator of poor diet or worms. Remember to request for health records of the pooch and go through it to ensure they have a clean health bill.

Another tip to keep in mind is the person who breeds the pooch. Search for a breeder who is certified to sell English dogs. Avoid pet stores because most of them have no records of the puppies they sell hence one might end up with a poor quality breed. Research about the track record of a breeder and make sure you are dealing with people who are not after money.

Additionally, consider the bloodline. When you walk into a liter and ask the breeder for a bulldog, he or she must show you the puppies and the parents. It is only by checking the behavior and size of the parents you can know what the pup will look like. If the mother is not around, ask for registration documents of the puppy to get the information you need.

Additionally, check the color. There is a broad range of colors which include white, black, fawn and brown. A lot of people overlook the color and check other features. Consult with your family and consider some factors before picking the right color.

In conclusion, check who you are and your behavior. The life your pooch will have depends on you. It needs constant grooming and bath and you must be willing to set aside time to care for the pup. However, it does not need practice and so if you want a pet to take walks with, it is not right for you.

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