Factors To Consider When Selecting An Orange County TX Doggy Daycare Facility

By Jeffrey Howard

Many people who own pets ponder about where to take them when planning to go for a holiday, business tour or other places. Dog daycare facilities are a great place to take dogs. In Orange County, there are numerous doggy daycares where your companion animal can stay. Nonetheless, finding the correct facility for your dog is not as simple as you might think. The subsequent guidelines will assist you in choosing the most appropriate Orange County TX doggy daycare for your dog.

One factor to contemplate is safety. You should make sure that the facility you plan to take your pet prioritizes on safety of the animals. The facility should be sanitized and clean. You should ask the workers at the facility whether the place is usually disinfected and cleaned during the day and in the evening. You should also select a facility that is properly fenced and has a well installed gate. You also need to find out whether the floor provides a good grip so that slipping accidents do not occur.

When touring a daycare facility, it is also important to find out whether the dogs are separated. Good daycares separate dogs based on temperament, play style and size among other things. This helps ensure that dogs are safe and the chances of getting hurt are minimal.

The other thing to consider is the ratio of dogs to humans. Most states recommend the ratio of fifteen dogs to one person. Good facilities may even have the ratio of ten dogs to one person if the dogs are very active and the ratio of twenty dogs to one person if the dogs are not that active. You should avoid choosing a facility that has more than twenty dogs under the care of one person.

You should also find out whether a facility allows dogs to participate in various activities. Ask about the type of activities your dog will be taking part in all day during the period it will be there. It is also good to ask the managers of the facility whether they provide additional services like dog training, grooming and overnight boarding among others. This will help you know whether the services that your pet needs are available.

It is also vital to inquire whether the staff members at the facility are adequately trained. Ask about the level of experience of staff members in the doggy daycares you are visiting. Competent members of staff are friendly to dogs and they offer the care that the dogs need.

The other important thing to consider pet is how a doggy daycare facility handles emergency cases. Inquire how it can deal with emergencies that affect one pet or all the pets in the facility. Knowing that a facility has good emergency plan can give you peace of mind because you will be sure that the well being of your pet will be taken care of.

A good doggy daycare facility is also likely to be a member of a national pet association. It will also have insurance and bonding. A facility that is insured will be able to compensate you if your dog gets injured during care. If you choose a good dog daycare facility, your dog will be taken care of as you want and all its needs will be met.

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