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By Jose Hamilton

Pet sitting is similar to baby-sitting, with the only difference being that animals are cared for and not babies. It is the practice of taking care of a pet belonging to another person for a specific time span. Pet sitting can take place at the residence of the owner of the pet or that of the individual rendering the service. When one needs Cat Sitter DC Offers the perfect location to visit.

Pet sitting is the same as kenneling or boarding only that it is a more personalized and individualized arrangement. The service provider is usually not trained since the job does not need training. Instead, the pet owner needs to be able to trust the provider. This is important since the provider will be left in charge of the home of the client during the entire period in cases where the care is provided at the place of the client.

Even though the job of pet sitting may seem like it is not a serious one, research indicates the exact opposite. Service providers are receiving more and more assignments from people who own pets. In 2016 alone, providers completed in excess of 17 million different assignments. The industry generated over 391 million USD from these assignments in the same year.

Research also indicates that owners of pets prefer to hire sitters as opposed to taking their pets to a more formal facility. The reasons of preferring sitters are many and vary from one person to another. One of the reasons is that sitting pets in their home eliminates or minimizes the level of stress. As long as the animal keeps its daily routine and meals in its own home, there is no reason for it to be stressed.

People who have no preference for boarding and kenneling, the only option they have is to travel with their pets, especially if they cannot find a sitter. Traveling a pet usually causes travel trauma to them. In some scenarios, this can turn out to be devastating. At the same time, the animal would have to undergo adaptation to their new surroundings. With all these, the animal risks exposure to negative effects.

Boarding and kennel facilities often render their services to several pets. There may be pets with some parasites or sicknesses. Disease transmission may occur should there be contact with infected or sickly pets. Once an animal contracts a disease, it may be difficult to restore its usual health. For this reason, avoiding such incidences beforehand is better.

On the other hand, there are a number of merits linked with leaving a pet in the custody of boarding or kenneling facility than hiring a pet sitter. To begin with, pet sitters charge more for the services they offer because they provide customized services. Boarding and kenneling facilities offer care to several animals at once. This allows them to charge much less and still be able to make reasonable profits.

The services provided at some kenneling and boarding facilities are also of very high quality. For instance, some facilities ensure that all animals brought in are scrutinized for any diseases before they are allowed to mingle with others. Owners are also required to provide full disclosure regarding any health conditions that their animals may have.

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