For Good Blue French Bulldog Puppy WA Offers A Recommendable Destination

By Angela Thompson

Compared to ancient bulldogs, modern day bulldogs are much more different. Modern day bulldogs were developed in England. It is believed that Bulldogs were first mentioned in 1500. Dogs of this period were very strong and extremely ferocious. The dogs were mainly used in bull baiting practice. During this event, a dog was used to clutch the nose of a bull and shake it brutally. When in search of Blue French Bulldog Puppy WA should be given priority.

The practice of bull baiting was believed to tenderize meat of the bull after being slaughtered. The exercise was believed to thin the blood of the animal, causing its meat to be tender. Since the belief was very strong, laws were enacted, requiring everybody to have their animal bull baited before slaughter. In fact, not engaging in this practice was illegal and people could be punished for it.

A lot of people thought that bulldogs would die off since they were deemed of no use after England banned bull baiting. On the other hand, several breeders benefited from the circumstance and began to develop a less hostile breed. The aggression trait was eliminated by the breeders but their stamina, persistence, and strength were retained. For this reason, the character of the dog was changed, but its physical trait was retained.

Although the ancestors were stronger and taller, modern bulldogs can only attain a size of around 12 to 15 inches when they are standing up. The females attain a weight of about 40 pounds while the males can weight around 50 pounds. Show dogs are bred to be bigger, attaining an addition 10 pounds in both males and females.

Puppies are known to be sweet, sociable, and courageous thus making them brilliant watchdogs. Bulldogs are known to be calm with an honorable character. Puppies appear lazy and stubborn nevertheless they should be kept fit by exercising daily. In some cases they may be hesitant to go out for a walk. In such a case it is necessary for one to find a way to entice the dog to go outside.

These dogs are excellent masters of skills despite the fact that they may need some time to become completely trained. They rarely forget what they learn. Bulldogs never bark much but are always observant and alert. Usually, many invaders are scared away because of how the dog looks.

There are a number of factors that determine the character of the dog. These dogs usually have different characters depending with the dog. Character in these dogs is usually determined by factors such as training, socialization and hereditary. It is for such reasons that one should know about the parents of a puppy before acquiring it. A puppy that is always playful and curious usually has good character.

To improve the temperament of the dog, it is best to provide it with enough socialization at an early stage. When socializing the dog, one should expose it to a wide range of sights, experiences, people, and sounds. Kindergarten classes can also help a lot in socialization.

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