How To Get The Most Affordable Book Editing Services

By Betty Jones

It is captivating to read a book that is meticulously edited. Such books are free of errors and their story lines make sense to reader. For authors, the concern is how much to spend on editors. This leads to a frantic search for affordable book editing services leaving some to compromise on the quality of work delivered. Other than fall into this trap, here are tips that will help you manage the cost of hiring editors.

Quality comes first before you think of the price. While the charges for hiring an editor should be a concern, it will be futile to hire an editor who has not met the standards. He will produce a low quality manuscript that translates into waste of time and resources. Before negotiating on price, ensure that you are dealing with a proven professional.

Obtain quotations from different editors to compare the offers. Before getting to comparison, you should ensure that you get quality work first. Once you have several editors who are capable of delivering quality, you will be at liberty to choose the editor with the lowest rate. Such comparison should be for likes.

Work on your manuscript before giving it to editors. Editors charge more for scripts that require a lot of work. Scripts with typing errors, poorly constructed sentences and a plot that does not make sense, among other mistakes will be more expensive to edit. Polish some of these sentences to reduce the workload for the editor. Polished scripts take less time and will therefore be cheaper to edit.

The contract you sign should be comprehensive. The editor or company should handle all or most of your work. With more work on their hands, you can negotiate lower rates. Editors also understand your style and demands. You do not have to brief them every time you have a manuscript to be edited. You develop mutual understanding that enhances your working relationship gives you an easy time whenever you have work to be done.

Chase realistic expectations and prices. Do not go for the lowest prices possible. There will always be a person willing to do the job for less, but without a guarantee for quality. If you need the work completed unreasonably fast yet you pay less, the quality will be compromised in the process. Be ready to pay a price that is commensurate to the quality of work you receive.

Referrals and reviews are reliable ways to get the best editors. You have friends, relatives, peers, colleagues and other persons who have worked with editors. Request them to refer a reliable professional to you. This reduces the time you take to get professional services. It also eliminates the anxiety that comes with working with strangers. You will be confident of the work by the editor because his or her services have already been tested. It takes less time to complete your project.

While it is reasonable to focus on the final figure, it should not be at the expense of quality. Insist on quality work before considering the price. A book with errors will not fetch a reasonable price in the market. This means that it becomes a waste of time and resources. The much you will have saved through reduced prices will be lost when the book hits the market.

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