Important Considerations On Hay Bales For Sale In Connecticut

By Karen Bailey

If you are a farmer keeping livestock, you have to provide them with feeds on a daily basis. A high percentage of their feed is crop which provides them with the energy they need to produce and stay healthy. There are times when there may be shortages due to the weather patterns. To ensure that your livestock continues feeding even during shortages, buy food crops for storage. There are sellers who deal in hay bales for sale in Connecticut making your work easy.

Check on the crop color. This is a very important aspect as the color determines quality gotten. Look for baled grass that is silver-green as it is high in quality. The color it has specifies the duration it was kept together with the content of moisture it has. Deep green is a specification of overstaying whereas brown color indicates that it was delayed before being cut and therefore is low in moisture. It can make your animals sick when consumed.

Apart from color, inquire to know how long the crop has stayed ever since being cut. The time-frame affects the nutritional value. If it was not stored properly, it will become dusty after some time causing the respiratory issue to your animals. In addition, one that has overstayed has low nutritional value and therefore is not of good quality. Baled grass stored outdoor without cover reduce in quality quickly than when stored indoors.

Inquire to know the kind of feed that has been baled. Farmers from different areas plant different types of seeds whereas others bale whatever type that is gotten from the farm. Inquire to know the kind of crop baled to determine whether your animals can eat it or not. This ensures that you buy good quality that is required.

Inquire about the provision of delivery services. There are some farmers who have the capability of delivering whereas some do not. If you are acquiring a large number of bundles, delivery facilities are very important. It is a fast method and will allow you to readily get the feeds you want. Look for one that offers delivery if you have many animals.

Inquire about the dimensions. All the farmer bundle and bale crop in different ways. The size determines the quantity you will get. There are small or large bundles available. The small ones are the best for feeding a small number of live-stocks as they can be carried easily by hands. The large bundles are best for a higher animal population since they can be fed to multiple livestock. Choose the right size depending on the number of livestock you have.

Get to know how the type of cutting used. If it came from the first cutting, chances are that it has high amounts of weeds. This may make your livestock to resist the hay. A second or third cut normally is of high quality as not much weeds are included. It is imperative you ask to ensure you are provided with a high-quality product.

The kind of animals available dictates the type of crop to be bought. For instance, older beef cows do not need high amounts of proteins as contrasted to the lactating cows. Mature horses will do well with feeds of lower protein than the younger ones. Goats and sheep require grass that is fine and leafy to easily ingest it.

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